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    More batteries on a 376

    Has anyone added extra batteries on a Hunter 376. I would like to increase my battery bank from the two to three or four. I haven't found a spot to install them that seems to work. Suggestions please.
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    376 raw water impeller

    1997 Hunter 376 with 150 hours on the engine (3 jh2) an alarm, steam out the exhaust; the raw water pump offered 6 little rubber paddles to Neptune. I read on line that the alternator was in the way. Several hours of cooling I placed a folded towel over the top of the engine to lay over and...
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    V Berth door sticking

    Has anyone removed the plastic door jam on a 376, the door is dragging heavily near the latch. It looks like if the screws were all removed the door jam might split and come off one piece on each side of the bulkhead. Wold like yo know before removing 20 or so screws.
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    Another battery bank

    I am thinking I will need more battery capacity, my thoughts are to add another house bank and a selector switch to allow isolation of new and old battery banks. My question is on charging the new bank. I don't want to ditch the ProMar digital charging system I have. My thoughts are to add a...
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    376 Shower faucet replacement

    Has anyone replaced the shower faucet on their Hunter 376'. The hose on mine is kinked ans needs replacing. I don't see an easy way.
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    376 microwave

    our 376 has had the microwave replaced with a smaller unit, does anyone know of a microwave that fits the cabinetry? I have looked on then web no matches in the ones listing dimensions.
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    Hunter 376 table halyard

    I purchased a Hunter 376 one of the issues was a stuck table halyard. I sprayed mclube sail coat in the sheave opening in the compression post and was able to free the counter weight. Hope this might help someone. Randy