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  1. Hogdriver

    Electric re-sale value?

    Thinking of converting Catalina 310 to electric power. Anyone have thoughts on how that would affect re-sale value?
  2. Hogdriver

    310 dodger frame

    My Dodger frame doesn't stow all the way forward, runs into the traveller. The shorter bar folds down, but not the main frame. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Hogdriver

    C310 overheating

    My 2004 C310 Universal M25XPB temp climbs to 200+, takes about 20 minutes. R&Rd thermostat, coolant level OK, raw water screen and HX seem ok, Sherwood impeller OK, raw water output starboard aft seems OK but not alot. The only thing left is engine water pump. Is there a way to check that...
  4. Hogdriver

    Catalina 310 inlet valve A location

    New owner Catalina 310, spent rainy weekend figuring out where things are an one that has eluded me is "inlet valve A" to get water to the head. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!