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  1. jerrymlewis

    Gudgeon replacement

    I broke the pintles on my rudder offshore of San Diego bay during the second of three Hot Rum series races. Apparently there was a crack in the lower pintle within the area of the strap and welds - not visible to check - that had some rust stain through about half of the pin's diameter. Once...
  2. jerrymlewis

    Welcome Capri 22 owners... and login tips

    Okay. Finally able to get my "old" previous email to work on this forum, so the "new" jerry m. lewis" is going away. Use this user for any personal messages, etc.
  3. jerrymlewis

    pics or specs on lifting strap/eye bolt plate

    Wichard WIC6361 is now $41 (I got mine mid-summer for $38), MWL 15,500 lbs. West Marine list price is $79 for the same exact eye nut. shop around.