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  1. Afrakes

    GFCI outlets, Engine blower switch, and CO detector

    Nothing like an independently switched blower to cool down the diesel engine compartment, after returning to the slip, on a hot summer's day. Not too difficult to understand either.
  2. Afrakes

    Hunter 1993 23.5 mast stress crack

    You're going to have to drop the mast and have that crack welded before you do anything else.
  3. Afrakes

    Frozen M-18 - Rebuildable?

    Run a compression test on the engine before you do anything else. Sounds like the problem might not be solved with a new dipstick and or seal. Had a similar issue on an M-12. It needed to be rebuilt. Time to pop the head on the seized M-18 and take a look. Won't cost you much time. How...
  4. Afrakes

    Bald guy problems...

  5. Afrakes

    Wheel or tiller? Which rolls best?

    With fused neck vertebra steering with a tiller became painful for me. Move to a wheel allowed me to keep sailing. Loved the tiller boats I had, Comet, Lightning, Star, Vataroy, and Ericson 27. Yes, the tiller gave me greater "feel" for the boat. That feel is not as important these gentle...
  6. Afrakes

    aluminum / stainless fused.... help

    After you strip out the head of whatever fastener you're trying to remove it's time to drill it out. Never had luck with "penetrating fluids". Take your time drilling. Start out small and work your way up to larger drill bits and get to a point where you can run a tap through to save the...
  7. Afrakes

    Rudder Post Failure?

    This looks like an insufficient previous repair, doesn't it? Looks like someone just smeared gelcoat over previous damage.
  8. Afrakes

    Lake Champlain Sailors?

    Live in Port Kent, keep my boat at PBB.
  9. Afrakes

    Lake Champlain Sailors?

    Pass by Snug on my way to PBB.
  10. Afrakes

    Hard to start Universal diesel

    The original wiring for the M-12 had the glow plug and start button in series. Later wiring modification separated them to work independently. I need about 15sec. of glow plug activation on my rebuilt 87' M-12.
  11. Afrakes

    Oily Bilge Cleaning?

    The fiberglass deep bilge on the Ericson 27 is located at the aft end of the keel. It is subject to external damage when the boat is on the hard and the support blocks are placed under the aft end of the keel. Drain the bilge and watch for water intrusion through the bottom. Had a similar...
  12. Afrakes

    Got the dreaded marina call today.

    Our marina office has an entire wall with a painted layout of the facility. Each slip is numbered and there's hook for every boat owner to hang an extra set of keys or the combo for their lock.
  13. Afrakes

    Diesel Dip Stick

    +1 on the wooden dowel or stick. You could also coat the aluminum rod with flat black paint. That's what I did with my oil dip stick to make it easier to read.
  14. Afrakes

    Memorial Day

    Sounds like a Monty Python skit: Run Away Run Away
  15. Afrakes

    Memorial Day

    A day to remember all who have come before and made the journey through life, uniformed or not.
  16. Afrakes

    Catalina 30 A4 engine

    If you do most of the labor yourself the investment can be only a couple of thousand. Swapping the A4 for a diesel will run many, many bucks.
  17. Afrakes

    Do high-quality bungee cords exist?

    Go to a shop that supplies truckers. They have the best and most UV resistant bungees. I usually can get three to four years of year round, weather exposed use before I have to replace them.
  18. Afrakes

    taking the mast down

    I raise and lower my 40ft. mast, twice every year, alone. I have invested about $1000.00 in gear and that again in design and construction hours to allow me to do this. Regardless it is dangerous and I always do it far away from anyone or anything that might get hurt. I do it because I like...
  19. Afrakes

    First launch.

    Point of clarification. I'd given the boat to my step son. He went through the unfortunate divorce and resultant downward economic spiral. The boat joined the list of victims as a result.
  20. Afrakes

    First launch.

    On my edge glued, mahogany planked 1952, 25' Amphibette I would flood the bilge with three inches of water a couple of weeks prior to spring launch. That would swell things up plenty. Unfortunately the boat was lost via a divorce proceeding and was cut up a few years later. I still have the...