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  1. braddexter

    Oceanis 41/45 - has anyone replaced the discharge pipe from main head?

    Has anyone replaced the discharge pipe from main head? This looks a nightmare! It's now full of calcium that's set like concrete. Getting it out will be bad enough, but then getting the new one threaded through. Any advice on this? Thanks.
  2. braddexter

    Galvanic Isolators - take in handluggage?

    Hi - strangely, in investigating I've found that in the UK and Europe knitting needles are ok! Amazing. Unfortunately we only have hand luggage. I only take computer stuff and clean underwear! Rest on the boat.
  3. braddexter

    Galvanic Isolators - take in handluggage?

    I did have spray nozzle (for a hosepipe) confiscated coz it was a bit gun shaped. My fault as I should have remembered that years before my 6 year old had his water-pistol confiscated. We get annoyed coz we know it's not us they need to check up on.
  4. braddexter

    Galvanic Isolators - take in handluggage?

    Paperwork..!!! Of course!!! That's the answer. And luckily it came with loads!!
  5. braddexter

    Galvanic Isolators - take in handluggage?

    That's it... simple!!
  6. braddexter

    Teak seats and trim.

    Do you have any pics of the teak post adding sealer?? Thanks
  7. braddexter

    Beneteau 40 Quick Windlass

    . Ken, below has suggested Quick in Maryland. I've used Quick at the factory in Italy, they were great. Try this email address: They also have a contact form on their web-site. I didn't realise that Beneteau had ceased production in the US - I was always of the service...
  8. braddexter

    Manual for Oceanis 41

    Hopefully quite soon. I'm in UK... it's in S. of France, and not seen her since a very quick trip in March 2020!!
  9. braddexter

    Manual for Oceanis 41

    Well put together... Excellent. I have one for mine, similar but not as good!
  10. braddexter

    Manual for Oceanis 41

    Hi - If you tell me how many pages you have in your manual, I'll compare to mine... a 2012manual... and we can compare, and possibly pool our resources. They seemed to change quite often as they remembered what they left out! Thanks
  11. braddexter

    323 air conditioner

    Great photos. What is the make of the A/c unit?
  12. braddexter

    Propane oven will not light (B331)

    Hi, I’m afraid I have no answers, just a question. I have an Eno 2 ring, grill and oven, and from new the rings and grill perfect, but the oven light immediately but no matter how long I push the button in,as soon as I let go the oven goes out. Any ideas? thsnks.
  13. braddexter

    Oceanis 36cc - motor knocks on start

    Yep.... agree with above. Mine (5 years ago) always knocked and vibrated, warm or not. I increased the idle speed and it went away.
  14. braddexter

    Oceanis 41 - side windows

    Your offer to fly over is overly generous!! I think it would be cheaper to keep the leaking window and replace the rest of the boat though!!!
  15. braddexter

    Oceanis 41 - side windows

    Hi My 4 year old Oceanis 41 is moored in the South of France. What a pity Beneteau seem to be unaware that it gets hot there. Results of it being warm include lots of strips of the teak deck lifting and warping and now one of the perspex side windows is coming away. The 2 sided rubber tape has...
  16. braddexter

    Any Oceanis 38 owners here?

    I have the same issue.... But, define 40'... mine is less then 40' when the feet are counted according to Lloyds Shipping Register!!! And the supporting documentation all says the same! Et Voila, my 41 is legal in a 40' berth!
  17. braddexter

    Oil in exhaust, low power

    I'm with Kloudie1... I had same engine, same issue. Prop was covered with barnacles. Had boat lifted and cleaned... perfect.
  18. braddexter

    Oceanis 41 - quarterberth vs. full size?

    I've had my 41 for over 2 years. At the time of ordering the Dufour and Jeaneau of the same length were the other options. At the time the deciding factor was the size of the cockpit. Light years ahead of the others. We bought the 3 cabin/2 head version. We thought we'd use the forward cabin but...
  19. braddexter

    Beneteau oceanis 36 cc. Salon berth filler

    I think if you're not sure what he means... no point posting!! However... I know exactly what he means.... but sold mine 2 years ago, with no pics of relevant parts! The supports for the infill cushions were in 2 parts with 3 pieces of wood attached to the existing seats for support.... folding...
  20. braddexter

    Oceanis 45 Bow Thruster issues...

    Hah.... you might be able to do that in the US - but contact Beneteau in France? You have to be joking!!! I wrote to them last year... no reply. A company/web-site full of promises... all empty.