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  1. SamLust

    Hunter 33 Bilge hose setup

    RE: Post # 8, Diana of Burlington. Yeah,... What he said! THAT is how you do a bilge pump.
  2. SamLust

    How to remove rusted strut bolts ('81 33)

    Very good information! Happy to see it is not a lost cause! And at this point I have NO recollection how much I paid.
  3. SamLust

    How to remove rusted strut bolts ('81 33)

    That is not the strut used on the Hunter 33. It was cast with H-33 on the arm. TWO BOLTS ONLY!. Mounting surface was curved. Made it very interesting . It would be neat if Hunter Owners offered a reasonable replacement for the H-33 piece. I remember it was used on a few other boats, maybe...
  4. SamLust

    Hunter 33 Bilge hose setup

    The original prints, pictures, whatever you call them were no more than a basic idea. No relation to reality. Each and every boat was different . You naad, as others suggest, to follow out all of your systems and replace junk. Sorry, but 1980s Hunter was not known for wasting money on great...
  5. SamLust

    Hunter 33 Reefing line boom internals

    You're best off pulling off at least one end, probably the forward end because the internal blocks for the outhaul are most likely shot . I drilled out my rivets, tapped threads and used stainless bolts in place of the rivets . I prefer instant access so I always replace rivets with threaded...
  6. SamLust

    Hunter 33 Traveler Stops

    In my 1983 Hunter 33 I replaced the original cockpit mounted traveler with a Garhauer up above the companionway with all controls brought back behind the wheel. Worked great. Loved it. I still have the complete original in the shed. Came off in 1998? If it's of interest, I'm around.
  7. SamLust

    How to remove rusted strut bolts ('81 33)

    If you're still working this project take heed. The company that made the early struts for Hunter closed up shop YEARS ago. I bought the last "33" strut they had. Keyport, NJ. Poof... Gone, shop empty. I drove by and checked. The job is laborious and time consuming, but not rediculous...
  8. SamLust

    What would you change in this plan? (fiberglass part of a rotten core job)

    If I understand what you said you're looking to leave the holes large so you can glass in the chain plates? Sorry, but wrong approach . As it sails the boat as a system, works and flexes. That bond will very quickly break, leaving you with some pretty serious leaks. The approach is to leave...
  9. SamLust

    79 Hunter 30 - What make of roller furler is this?

    That does look like an early CDI, but it also looks like someone replaced the original aluminum foil with CDI's later plastic extrusion. Appears an adapter was made up to convert it. The original aluminum foils had connector pieces that liked to break if you looked at them cross-eyed. And of...
  10. SamLust

    Leaking Muffler

    My 1983 Hunter 33 had a blue fiberglass water lift "muffler". I don't believe I ever saw a brand name on it. It was tubular and designed to run horizontal. I know the hose between the engine and water lift went in horizontal. Despite the vast amount of time I spent working in there I can not...
  11. SamLust

    Hunter 33 forward hatch question

    How about a used hatch in decent condition? If interested I can check it against my old H 33. The guy I sold it to has be one a good friend. Although looking at the dates now I might be a little late to the party!
  12. SamLust

    Hunter 33 (1981) Main Sail

    As of March 19, 2021. I have a set of what probably were original equipment sails from my 1983 Hunter 33. JSI / Jihnson. Headsail is about a 110, 120, roller furling with sun strip. Main I think is single reef. In storage about 20 years. Serviced by a New Jersey sailmaket in '95. I think...
  13. SamLust

    1977 Hunter 33 Low Profile

    Early H33 and Raider were designed by the same guys in the same time frame. To my eye the lead keep was the same shoal h33 to Raider. The Raider used it on a longer stub. More weight lower ad opposed 5th the deep keel on the standard h33. An example of the guys at Cherubini in NJ using...
  14. SamLust

    New rudder stuffing box

    You don't say what boat it is. If a 33, it is simply a stainless pipe, male threaded at the top with a packing nut at the top. Bad design and manufacture allow the portion that holds the packing to corrode away. I contacted Buck Algonquin, then sent my old nut to them. They duplicated it in...
  15. SamLust

    Bought the last outboard I'll ever need today.

    Now THAT is neat stuff. Never knew there was a kit available to extend these. I got an older 4 hp with a Hunter 212 I bought. Supposedly needs a carb cleaning to run. I never put any time into it because it was too short. Story of my life. Now with the knowledge that I can get an extension...
  16. SamLust

    Getting Access to our boat bottom swing keel

    The boat and it"s rigging are designed around the fact that it WILL experience knockdowns, which are certainly more violent than a controlled careen. On the other hand I can see from your picture that there is at least one turnbuckle that is bent. That makes me nervous on a good day. Can we...
  17. SamLust

    Ultimate Trailer Sailor

    The trailer has a hydraulic operated upper deck. Remove car, lower the deck with the boat on it's own trailer, shove the boat/trailer off using the loading winch to hold it back. Carries it's own wheel ramps including a "c" channel for the prop wheel. I drove from Forked River NJ to Paxton...
  18. SamLust

    Ultimate Trailer Sailor

    The rig is finally together. Centerboard on Sunbird opened up, hacked out, and filled with resin encapsulated lead shot. It will now swing up and down in the trunk, and provide a bit of righting. 80# vs 30#! Built-Rite double deck trailer enables me to carry the Sunbird above the Jeep...
  19. SamLust

    Fresh water pressure issues

    Then he's out of luck. Gotta replace the boat.
  20. SamLust

    Fresh water pressure issues

    The aluminum dip tube is pinhole from corrosion where the water level mist frequently sits. Pull the tube out of the tank, you will find swiss cheese. The sides, if aluminum will link similar. I fixed mine with fuel tank slushing compound. Brushed on through an access hole I cut.