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  1. Boat n Bus

    At a Crossroad

    It is time for me to part with my 25' swing keel. I am faced with challenges however and need some feedback please. The situation: Boat is on an undersized trailer in San Diego. It has a broken rudder which I cannot fix myself. I have not yet found a suitable replacement within my...
  2. Boat n Bus

    Ready to Roll

    This is the first time in the 5 years I have owned my O'Day that it has been on a trailer! Bitter sweet I must say but transition is on the horizon. I bought the trailer off a guy who used it once for his 22' wing keel. I had to have a welder modify/reinforce to get my 25' on there but I think...
  3. Boat n Bus

    Pendant line on 85% jib

    Don, The 85% headsail on my O'day 25 has a wire line about 18" that hooks from the tack of the sail to the base of the headstay. I am taking the sail to a loft for general maintenance and was wondering about switching the pendant to the head of the sail. Will moving the pendant line change...
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    Can I connect the aligator clips from my solar trickle charger to the bus bar to charge the battery?
  5. Boat n Bus

    Doing your research

    I am thinking about upgrading/upsizing and was wondering what you guys/gals use to research a potential candidate? I do the generic google search only to find the ad of said boat popping up first. Most of the time it seems the seller is fairly clueless (read: I'm trying to find that budget...
  6. Boat n Bus

    Halyard plate

    I read a post a couple weeks back wondering about a halyard plate organizer, the tabernacle and such. This is what I did. The spacer served two purposes. It allows for a more manageable space for the blocks at the base but also gave me more threads to tighten on the rigging. Had plenty of...
  7. Boat n Bus

    The pendant line pipe under the galley sink

    The first sail in decent wind after the haulout yielded quite a bit of water under the sink. After the first quart was bailed out I doubted it was the drain leaking at the thru-hull. I kept me head in the cabinet long enough to see water come splashing out of the PVC tube that guides the...
  8. Boat n Bus

    Hull Transducer

    Is the hull of a '76 cored or all fiberglass? I just bought a new depth guage and would like to mount it up in the v-berth but I am not sure what the hull material is and for that matter if the transducer will sound thru the hull. Thanks
  9. Boat n Bus

    Chicken Chute

    I have what has been described to me as a 'chicken chute'. It is pretty much a pint size spinnaker. I run it up a line attached to the mast just above the spreaders. I have used a whisker pole with it once but I am hoping someone out there has more experience with something like this than I...
  10. Boat n Bus

    PHRF for a 25

    I'm thinking about doing the 'Beer Can' racing in the Bay this summer and was wondering if anyone had a PHRF rating for their 25' swing keel, year '76 or similar. I will be racing non-spin. Thanks, Gerard
  11. Boat n Bus

    Bound Again

    I was trying to beat to weather in about 12-15 knots with my 110% and a full main. Every time I would try to sheet in the headsail, the sheet would bind on the winch. After about four 360's and the loss of my fingerprints I had to drop the headsail! I have sailed in that much breeze with the...
  12. Boat n Bus

    Haulin' out

    I am looking to haul out my '76 for the first time. The previous owner couldn't remember the last time he hauled out and I have had it for over a year. I plan on taking it to a local boat yard and set on stands. I want to have all my supplies in order before I haul out to minimize yard $. I...
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    I am new to the O'Day scene, new to owning a boat period, and I have some questions about what some of the 'stuff' is on my '76, 25'. My first is about the fresh water storage onboard used for the sinks. I dont think the previous owner ever used the tank and the hoses look kinda...