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  1. Kurt Diessner

    How far have you sailed your Hunter

    We sailed from NJ to Panama City Florida, and back 2,400 miles each way.
  2. Kurt Diessner

    Selden Mast Forestay Attachment Recall

    We sailed our Hunter 44AC 2006 from New Jersey to Panama City Florida, then found out about the recall, Selden had a riigger replace fitting at dock before we left for our trip home.
  3. Kurt Diessner

    Selden forestay fitting recall

    repaired fitting Zern Rigging did repairs yesterday, very professional, thanks Tom!
  4. Kurt Diessner

    Selden forestay fitting recall

    mast recall still waiting
  5. Kurt Diessner

    Marathon to St. Petersburg

    Pat, we are in Panama City, Fl. we went from Marathon to Little Shark river anchored in the wide area, from there to Everglades City, anchored in north channel, did not attemp going to city, then on to Naples City Marina for fuel and weather, then to Fort Myers and up GICWW to Clearwater, There...
  6. Kurt Diessner

    Florida move contemplated

    Re: Marathon Pat, We were at Marathon for about three days, on the way to Panama City Florida, did not want to leave! I know that does not answer your question, but I guess there always exspoure were ever we go, some more then others, I personally would go and stay.
  7. Kurt Diessner

    Selden forestay fitting recall

    We also got the recall notice, after traviling from NJ to Panama City Florida for the winter, Selden is arraning for a rigger to do the repairs. Will advise. Scary after being in 30 Knot winds in the Hawk Channel
  8. Kurt Diessner

    Dinghy Davits

    I also have Kato on my 44AC, 11 ft RIB with 9hp four cycle and do not remove the engine. have had them for four years, very well made.
  9. Kurt Diessner

    Dinghy Davits for Hunter 426/44 aft

    you can stop by Pat, will try and take pictures, if you are in the Forked river area, we are just a little north of you, just come by it is the only 44 hunter in the water, we live on it year around, will be heading south for next winter.
  10. Kurt Diessner

    Dinghy Davits for Hunter 426/44 aft

    Kato have Kato davits, 11' Rib with four cycle outboard mounted, never take engine off, have the winch at the engine end to make it easier to retrive. Good quality very nice people to deal with, have had no issues to date, four years.
  11. Kurt Diessner

    Here is a fun test.

    18 out of 20, time to put out to sea.
  12. Kurt Diessner

    Dinghy Davits

  13. Kurt Diessner

    Diesel Heater for H49/50

    I also have the reverse cycle, but when the water freezes the units do not work.
  14. Kurt Diessner

    Diesel Heater for H49/50

    we have a 44' hunter and had a Huricane II, Hydronic heater installed, four zones, it keeps the boat warm at 70 degrees, we live aboard in NJ, the factory, Hunter, would not install so the marina we kept the boat at installed it.
  15. Kurt Diessner

    Engine vibration when motoring in a Hunter 44

    Larry. I have a 2006 44 AC with fixed prop, no vibration
  16. Kurt Diessner

    Hunter 44AC Boat Speed Under Power

    I have the standard 3 blade prop the boat came with, I do not use the knot meter, I use the GPS to get ture boat speed, As Larry is refering to, the Knot meter need to calibrated.
  17. Kurt Diessner

    Hunter 44AC Boat Speed Under Power

    We have a 2006 44 AC, under power at 2900 Rpm. SOG is 7.4 knots, the last 200 rpm will get it up to 7.8
  18. Kurt Diessner

    Glenn, Welcome

    We have the 44 AC, my wife and I enjoy it a lot and love saling it! It really comes alive in the ocean in a 20 to 30 knot wind. I do not know if you had any influnce on the 44, its a 2006, but if you did we thank you. It is the best manner boat we have sailed on.
  19. vidazzled II

    vidazzled II

  20. Kurt Diessner


    We live on a Hunter 44 AC, in New Jersey, It is heated by a Hurricane II heater, 35,000 BTU, four zones plus heats our hot water, uses .33 gal per hr. this is our second year. Kept the boat at 70 degrees even on the coldest night this year -1, It also has a electric element to back up the...