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  1. dscribner

    Pearson-O'Day 290

    Any POD 290 owners out there? There's only 8 of us . . . at best
  2. dscribner

    Pearson-O'Day 290

    Any POD 290 owners out there? There's only 8 of us . . . at best
  3. dscribner

    Pearson-O'Day 290 line drawings

    I should probably ask for the winning MegaMillions ticket but does anybody have or know where I might be able to get hold of a copy of the line drawings for this boat? I am currently reverse engineering the hull but it's a PITN and less accurate than if I had drawings to go by.
  4. dscribner

    Any O'Day 290 Owners Out There?

    There's only 8 of us. It might be nice to know who to swap notes with. Don Biddeford, ME
  5. dscribner

    O'day 290 dimensions

    Anybody have an O'day 290 on the hard that can get some dimensions for me? Odd, I know, but I just bought a '91 which is on the hard 3 hours away. I am planning on modifying a trailer to fit, (go ahead roll your eyes and rant, I'll wait . . . .) OK, I'm looking for basic dimensions so I can...
  6. dscribner

    So, lets talk anchors

    I really wanted to talk about something simple and easy, like religion or Trump, but lets do this. I'm considering upgrading my hook. Ive used an oversized Danforth (a real one) for forever. Danforths have amazing holding power, placing in the upper echelon of many tests, but let the wind...
  7. dscribner

    Trailer: dual to tripple

    Any thoughts on this? Is it as simple as adding another 3500 lb axle to a tandem axle trailer to add another 3500 lbs of capacity or is the frame that much of a concern? My thought is that if I simply added the axle, and put a 30' boat on a trailer designed for a 25 footer, that would shift the...
  8. dscribner


    Has anybody used Valsail yacht braid? I see it on Ebay and it is reasonably priced. They seem to have a full product offering but I couldn't find any specs for their goods.
  9. dscribner

    Sarasota Bay Destinations

    I'm chartering a Catalina 30 in Sarasota Bay for a couple of days in February so I'm looking for places to go. One place should be a good anchoring spot, quiet, that sort of thing. The other should be a place with a guest mooring and a restaurant for sailors on a budget. We're disembarking...
  10. dscribner

    Trailering a 302

    Has anybody done this?
  11. dscribner

    302 Trailer Size

    We're going to be upgrading to a larger boat. I have my eyes set on a 272. I can pick one up and put a trailer under it for around $11k, maybe less. But what I would really like is a 302. Again, I would have to build/buy a trailer. So, now I'm looking at $25k; the price of a car. Scary. Does...
  12. dscribner

    Garmin 78sc

    I don't know if anybody is shopping for this model but I noticed it was on sale over at Worst Marine. $249 (about $100 off) and that includes BlueChart G2 files for the coastal US, not those pathetic "base maps". Good deal.
  13. dscribner

    Florida bareboat charter

    Thinking about a short charter in Florida this winter. Can't afford BVI again for a couple of years. Someplace around the Port Charlotte area. Any suggestions? Would welcome a personal "loan" of a 28 footer for four days, willing to pitch in a sizeable chunk to help with upkeep (wink, nudge)...
  14. dscribner

    To O'Day or not to O'Day

    Looking for a bigger boat. Considering an O'day 272 LE. Although this is not technically a "trailerable" boat, I plan on towing it to and from the launch once a year and stepping the mast myself. I currently do this every weekend with my Lancer 25 so the physics and methods are no mystery to...
  15. dscribner

    Life Ring Mounting Ideas

    Being the romantic fool that I am, I bought the Admiral a new life ring for the boat for Christmas. I know, I know . . . half you guys reading are embarrassed because you opted for a silk scarf, a diamond necklace or a Lexas. Fools, all! Well, now that I've wooed her sufficiently, I need...
  16. dscribner

    Merry Christmas from the rough coast of Maine

    A little Christmas humor, my pen to you. I posted it a couple of times over the past years. so, those who have already seen it, roll your eyes. The rest of you . . . ENJOY! But everyone have a Wick'd Merry Christmas! Don
  17. dscribner

    BVI Bound

    My wife and I are heading to BVI in the spring. Any of you folks that have been there, please jump in and tell me where to go, how to get there and where to avoid. Don
  18. dscribner

    Fiberglass expertise needed

    I'm thinking of re-configuring my icebox. I figure on a mold, mold release, gelcoat and the like. However, I really don't know if this is a smart approach since this is a food surface and will be immersed for days, if now weeks, on end. Any ideas?
  19. dscribner

    Hypothetically Speaking, if you loose your boat pole . . .

    over the edge while frantically trying to fend off another boat because you dragged anchor in the howling wind and driving rain, and your anchor line is foiled on their mooring, and the Admiral is yelling, and at one point your foot is on your toe rail and theirs while their mooring ball is...
  20. dscribner

    Penobscot Bay

    Looking for a couple of good anchorages on Penobscot Bay. Something on Vinylhaven, something in that mess south of Stonington, then maybe Ilseboro or maybe something closer to Northhaven, then back to Rockland. 2nd or third day it might be nice to have a store to get more ice at. Can anybody...