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  1. FasterHorses

    Searching for my 40 O'Day stolen from Sandusky Harbor Marina

    The more I read this, the more suspect I get about its truthfulness..... We own a 39' Oday and I cannot help but to wonder how you move a 18,000 lb., boat with a +40ft. mast without specialty equipment? Our keel is 30+ inches from the ground to the hull, therefore it will be at least 12 ft. off...
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    What Is Your Favorite Boat Music and why?

    I have to say that I may not fit the norm on this thread, I have a playlist on amazon music unlimited that has at the moment 3 different sailing playlists. I mostly play the first one I created featuring "Sailing" by Chris Cross, "Southern Cross" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash, a bunch of Hootie...
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    Have you checked your Standing Rigging for this season?

    @Roadking Larry, what's going on with your knee? Hope the information I sent you helped. I had my 2nd hip replaced on Feb. 23rd of this year (2021) and through my PT goals, I am/was able to climb up the ladder to board FH the 1st week of April to start my spring commissioning, which brings me to...
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    new to sailing i seek experience

    Shoot!!!! where are you located???? Are you, can you travel??? Just had my 2nd hip replacement surgery and I have a 39' O'day that I have removed most of the teak from the topside B4 my surgery..... working refinishing it here at home during my recovery, but could use a hand at the boat on the...
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    Shrink Wrap not done!

    I am in the same boat, literally speaking, as our boat has not been wrapped yet as of yesterday (12/19). I drove through the marina but did not see the shrink wrap contractor anywhere, and the weather was conducive to get boats done. My wife spoke to the marina mgr., who said that there were...
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    My turnbuckle has failed........

    Thank you for all the responses, collectively your responses are making me a better, more knowledgeable sailor. Continuing on with this thread, I will try to answer all questions posed. First, we have owned Faster Horses (FH) for 7 years now and although I maintain a current relationship with...
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    My turnbuckle has failed........

    FH has been hauled out for winter storage...... The task has been completed, however not without a hitch. The marina calls me at work to tell me that the turnbuckle connecting the backstay has failed during the haulout, and that they recommend that I have our rig inspected and the backstay...
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    Oday 34/35 shower sump

    We have an O’Day 39, with 2 heads, 1fore and 1 aft, each with showers. In the forward head, there is a wooden grate over a shallow catch basin with a hose plumbed through a cutout in this fiberglass basin/pan. This hose, which I believe to be 5/8” had a something on the end to collect the water...
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    This may sound crazy, but can anyone explain to me the difference between wax & polish? I understand polish goes on before wax, but what's the difference? Also, does compound qualify as a polish? I have read MS "Tips for......., and I think I will read it again before getting started.
  10. FasterHorses

    Original O'day Upholstery Fabric

    We replaced our interior cushions last year after looking for that material everywhere, but to no avail. I have saved some of the fabric just in case someone else needed some.....
  11. Replacement muffler

    Replacement muffler

  12. FH interior mast collar with water damage

    FH interior mast collar with water damage

  13. FH engine wet exhaust

    FH engine wet exhaust

  14. Wet Exhaust

    Wet Exhaust

  15. Wet Exhaust 1

    Wet Exhaust 1

  16. Wet Exhaust 2

    Wet Exhaust 2

  17. Wet Exhaust muffler

    Wet Exhaust muffler

  18. Vernalift muffler

    Vernalift muffler

  19. Wet Exhaust 3

    Wet Exhaust 3

  20. Vernalift muffler 1

    Vernalift muffler 1