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  1. vizwhiz

    Whatever it takes

    If you think about it, the whole MacGregor sailboat is a similar exercise in efficiency of build, just enough but not too much of anything, with a touch of beauty in the lines.
  2. vizwhiz

    The Official "What Did You Do To Your Mac Today" Thread!

    I ended up epoxying small squares of plastic (cutting board) to the outside of the boat and screwing into that. I had drilled a number of holes in each location trying to get something to hold onto the thin fiberglass in those locations. I wasn’t willing to drill large holes or bolt the bimini on...
  3. vizwhiz

    26s Centerboard Reinstall

    Did you ever get this job completed? (1) There are a number of threads here and over on macgregorsailors site that describe how to get the boat up and off the trailer... (2) takes two people, or a jack and some time getting in and out of the boat to check the alignment of the holes before you...
  4. vizwhiz

    Whatever it takes

    This is great...nice one!
  5. vizwhiz

    How to rig the rudder on a 26S

    Sorry about the delayed response - been away from the site for a while... Yes, i use the arch to support the mast. I took the mast crutch (which is the factory standard 4’-long stainless pipe with support roller on top) and just dropped it into a fishing rod holder attached to the top beam of...
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    Is macgregorsailors down for good?

    That works!
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    Tiller swing takes up space in cockpit...

    Thanks everyone! So far it has just the two of us, but we like to sit close usually. That may also have something to do with it. I have been sitting a bit forward of the tiller, and I do lift it if necessary to clear something (or someone). I guess we’ll just have to take a little more time to...
  8. vizwhiz

    Is macgregorsailors down for good?

    Hahahahaha! She always knows when my lower unit is off...:oops::redface:
  9. vizwhiz

    Tiller swing takes up space in cockpit...

    I have not spent any real time on other tiller-steered boats, so I don’t have anything to compare my experience to. But it sure seems that having to move the tiller takes up a lot of space in the cockpit of my 26S. I seem to spend a lot of time saying things like “sorry hunny, you can’t sit...
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    Is macgregorsailors down for good?

    The admins from macgregorsailors have repeatedly posted elsewhere that the forum site is not down for good. There were some issues and the owner just hasn’t hasn’t had the time to get them all cleared up. They assure us it will be back... I know the feeling, cuz my lower unit is off and i don’t...
  11. vizwhiz

    Hurricane Nate smashes Mac/Ven?

    That video uses a pic of the same boat. But this is a video of the can see the hole where the pop top was and more of the hull in it. EDIT: i fixed the link, but you may still have to cut and paste to...
  12. vizwhiz

    Hurricane Nate smashes Mac/Ven?

    I was looking at The Weather Channel website coverage of Hurricane Nate and saw where they posted a video of a sailboat being smashed against the rocks. Looks like a Mac 26 D or S, although it could be another model I'm not as familiar with. Two windows, pop-top, Mac lines... :( Hope it was...
  13. vizwhiz

    High thrust props and sailboats

    I never responded to all of this, but thanks to everyone for letting me know what size props you are running! I just re-configured my throttle. May purchase one of those little battery-powered tachometers this fall to see what speed the motor runs with my big prop.
  14. vizwhiz

    Portable Fuel Tanks

    We had the same experience motoring along the ICW in Little Gasparilla area. Motor would die. I would crack the cap to release the suction, pump the bulb a couple times, crank the motor right up. Run 30 mins, motor dies. Repeat procedure. Grrrrr...
  15. vizwhiz

    Trailerable Sailboats Under 5,000lbs

    It's a pretty boat on the outside! Looks a lot like the Mac 25/26.
  16. vizwhiz

    Mod forthcoming - mast crutch front and rear, Mac 26s

    How about just a vertical piece that sits on the pulpit and goes up through the existing pulpit bracket? Bolt it to the existing pulpit bracket the same way you do the mast now, let the bottom sit on the deck. Put the top of the mast on top of the piece - maybe with a strap or bungee or rope to...
  17. vizwhiz

    High thrust props and sailboats

    No, but that came to mind also. I'll have to look and see if there is a way to tell what it is. If not, i may remove the spark plugs and turn it over (with the cord) while in gear to see what it is...
  18. vizwhiz

    Mac 26d engine mount

    Congrats on the new baby!
  19. vizwhiz

    Restored Telstar 28 Launch!

    I watched your videos, and am very interested in how the boat sails, how you have it set up, how you overnight and what you've done with the interior as well. I'll probably even start lurking on the Telstar forum you posted, just to educate myself more. I keep saying that the Telstar 28 would...
  20. vizwhiz

    High thrust props and sailboats

    So i thought my prop was oversized, as i posted earlier. My motor was rebuilt with a little of this and a little of that by a local mechanic who does this type of thing, so the model on the nameplate doesn't match the way the motor is actually built. Because of that, I presumed the prop was just...