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  1. jimshipsky

    Looking for Simba

    In 1979 my good friend John Holt Willey began an apprenticeship at the Paul Luke boatyard on Linekin Bay, Maine. In 2016 John published A Winter Apprentice, A Winter Apprentice: Willey, John Holt: 9781882190454: Books. Told from the point of view of a fine woodworker/Zen...
  2. jimshipsky

    Tailpipe under water?

    I just bought a Chrysler 26 Swing Keel on a trailer from a Chris Craft cabin cruiser. I suspect the boat is sitting higher than if on a purpose-built trailer. I'm concerned that when I back down the ramp, I'll need to have the truck's tailpipe underwater quite a bit. (I'd love to be wrong about...
  3. jimshipsky

    Traveler theory

    My current understanding of traveler use is you can use it to ease the mainsail to leeward to reduce heeling without inducing twist. Or you can move the traveler to windward to point higher, with a possible decrease in speed. My question has to do with travelers that are not controllable. Years...
  4. jimshipsky

    Looking for what new (used) boat to buy

    I've been sailing a Cal 21 since 2015 and love this boat! What a sweet sailer! I can sail circles around the other boats on the lake. I bought a new suit of sails for her, sanded her bottom, applied barrier coat and ablative anti-foul, and in April I'm adding 100# of lead to the bottom of her...
  5. jimshipsky

    When not to use the boom vang?

    I recently installed a boom vang on my Cal 21. I understand its importance sailing on a run, to keep the boom from lifting. Also on a reach, to prevent the upper part of the sail from twisting out and spilling wind. So I'm left wondering: when and why would I not want the vang tensioned?
  6. jimshipsky

    Backing a sail when dropping the mooring

    I understand why backing the mainsail causes a moored boat to turn, even without understanding the force vectors--see image. But I don't understand why backing the jib, say, out to starboard, causes the boat to turn to port. It seems to me the force on the jib is directly downwind. How does...
  7. jimshipsky

    Need jibing knowledge

    Sailing my Cal 21 I jibed three times today. The way I learned was to haul in on the mainsheet as the boat turns, having it in tight as the stern crosses the wind, then ease it back out on the other tack. This worked fine the first two jibes. But on the third jibe, either the wind was stronger...
  8. jimshipsky

    What is this device?

    I've been enjoying the YouTube videos: Sailing Uma. These young sailors re-habbed a Pearson 36. I noticed the above device about mid-way on their boom. Thus far I've not seen any lines attached to it. There does not appear to be a boom vang. Might this device be a way to attach a preventer line...
  9. jimshipsky

    Identify this boat!

    I spotted this boat by the side of the road and am intrigued by her shape. I wonder if she has an additional swing keel, or maybe a missing fin keel, given the height of her mast. It appears something crashed down on the foot of the mast while it was in this position on the bow pulpit, resulting...
  10. jimshipsky

    Loong Sails--UK Limited

    Anyone have experience with this company? I just got a quote of $327 + $75 shipping for a new mainsail for my Cal 21. This includes quite a lot: full battens, single reef, radial patches, leather corner, cunningham (anyone know what that means relative to a new sail?). That price is VERY...
  11. jimshipsky

    Suggestions please for a stiffer boat

    Last summer I stepped up from a Siren 17 to a Cal 21. The improvement in performance is wonderful. I love this Lapworth design. Still . . . in sudden big gusts, my lee rail threatens to submerge. I ease the main or pinch up. Some days I sail with only the mainsail--flying a jib would overpower...
  12. jimshipsky

    Cal 21 jibsheet car location

    Does anyone have experience installing longer or additional additional jib car tracks in order to properly trim a genoa on a Cal 21? The 18" long jib car track on my 21 seems ideal for the working jib, but about 2 ft. too far forward for properly trimming a genoa.