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  1. voltzwgn

    Venture emblems

    Here's what's left of the sticker on my 22, maybe we could find a way to have a batch made if there's interest?
  2. voltzwgn

    This Is For You East Coasties

    On IPad I get a message that the content owner has not made it available to mobile
  3. voltzwgn

    Davis Tiller Tamer

    Then your 25 must be built like mine where the cockpit is open all the way back to the transom. You can see on Cuscus's that his does not do that. I'd already noticed his being much different than mine inside the cabin in my thread about keel winch handles.
  4. voltzwgn

    Need to replace part of companion way hatch slide

    If it is HDPE then TAP Plastics if they have them in your area would be one source. There is a UV stabilized HDPE product.
  5. voltzwgn

    Davis Tiller Tamer

    Well broke down and deceided to RTFM and they do show 90 degree angle between the lines and min 18 inches from rudder pintle pin for boats with outboard rudders. Their cleats are mounted on the transom very similar to the was Cuscus has his setup. Mine works for now at 180 so maybe just add...
  6. voltzwgn

    Davis Tiller Tamer

    So if I understand it right sounds like the instructions say the lines connecting to the tamer should form a 90 degree angle. From what Sum said it sounds like his are 180 degrees which is pretty close to the way mine is setup and it seems to work fine, mines also mounted on top. But I could...
  7. voltzwgn

    Found a great deal, but need help...

    Speaking of stealth on the first one my first thought was that maybe that was some sort of steath coating she maybe invisible to radar.
  8. voltzwgn

    new hatch needed

    I too like the plexiglas / lexan idea as having a skylight seems like it would help open things up. My thought was to do a cover with them as a sectional thing as stated easy to store and then keep my fiberglass version for secuity when I really wanted to close it up. As I write this I'm...
  9. voltzwgn

    Deck fittings - backing plates

    I'm getting ready to order some butyl tape to redo all my deck fittings. And was wondering if anyone has thoughts about using HDPE instead of metal. Seems to me it should do fine but I'm sure others have opinions. thanks,
  10. voltzwgn

    Please tell me i wont have any huge regrets

    That's a good point and when i used to brew one of the best sanitizers you could get easily was just good old chlorine bleach. For plastic or glass there were no issues on stainless just had to watch concentration/contact time as it could be corrosive.
  11. voltzwgn

    Please tell me i wont have any huge regrets

    You might look at pool shock it comes in small bag and in a powdered form and i know when i had a pool it would turn a green pool around pretty quickly.
  12. voltzwgn

    North East visit

    Thanks all for the tips, we are in cape cod now and headed to Newport in the morning. We are going to try and get on the water there it rained the last two days and it's clearing now so should have some breezes.
  13. voltzwgn

    North East visit

    Your're right should be ME....... :redface:
  14. voltzwgn

    Want to rent by night in lieu of hotel in San Francisco

    Maybe a sailing school / club as they're already in the business of renting out their boats. Can't think of one in SF proper but OCSC is in Berkeley (view would be so so) and Modern Sailing in Sausalito (better views). I'm not associated with either of these but have been out on their boats.
  15. voltzwgn

    North East visit

    We're flying out to N.H this weekend and plan to spend a week or so touring the area. One item on our plan is that where we're staying in Acadia ME. they say they rent sailboats right next door so we plan to sail there for sure. This is our first trip out that way so curious if there are other...
  16. voltzwgn

    Rudder repair M25

    I worked on the rudder yesterday and appreciate the tips, taping it off saved me from creating a big mess. 90 degree day helped everything to flow smoothly. In fact I ran almost 3 oz. of epoxy into the top crack that I opened up like an 1/8 inch wide and 1/2 inch deep. My first thought was oh...
  17. voltzwgn

    Mast raising - M25

    Thanks all, I had a bracket made as I'm using a square aluminum tube as my gin pole so this one should fit perfect. It will also allow me to have a single pin to slide all the way through and it's all hooked up. I've got pad eye's on order from Dwyer's mast for the baby stays so that should...
  18. voltzwgn

    Mast raising - M25

    yeah, that's what I had seen, did you purchase or have it made?
  19. voltzwgn

    Mast raising - M25

    I did like your picture shows but my mast step has no room forward, regular bolts the heads catch on the mast as it goes up. I had to use elevator bolts to get clearance and the I can't remove once the mast is up. If I can't find a pre-made U bracket I'll just get one made then I can have one...
  20. voltzwgn

    Mast raising - M25

    I know there's lots of info out there on this and I've looked at a lot of it..... in fact that's my problem. So I whipped up a pole with the bracket to bolt to the mast step drilled a couple holes in the step and it works but the step is too crowded even for the bolt heads I've got it working...