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  1. ifmdalvey

    False fume alarm ?

    Just winterizing my Island packet and i always pour RV antifreeze into the bilge to run through the manual and auto bilge pumps. Then my fume alarm kept going off, does the antifreeze have something in it that the alarm detects?
  2. ifmdalvey


    Has anybody had recent dealings with Marinebeam. I have placed an order a week ago, my credit card has gone through but i cannot get an email or phone response from him, starting to get concerned.
  3. ifmdalvey

    Documentation renewal

    Be wary when applying online for renewal. I know there are scamming companies out there but yet again i nearly fell for one of the dummy sites. It was only the fee of $70 instead of the correct $26 that alerted me i was on the wrong site. After a bit of checking i found that there are 8...
  4. ifmdalvey


    Penobscot Bay, Maine last week. Most of us will touch bottom at some time but this guy did it in style.
  5. ifmdalvey

    Price Hike

    I know we have nearly 3% inflation but i just paid 100% price hike for my annual mooring fee, absolutely ridicules. Its jumped from $26 all the way up to a horrendous $50.
  6. ifmdalvey

    Low waterline

    Not going anywhere fast?
  7. ifmdalvey

    Things that go bump in the night.

    What you dont want to meet when out on the water, i believe a lot of containers are neutrally buoyant and sit just below the surface. This one washed up on the Australian coast. I also heard that 50 containers were recently lost of North Carolina. How many of theses are floating about? do...
  8. ifmdalvey

    Crash Test Boat

    Want to see what happens when your mast comes down and how to deal with it? The British Yachting only have done the test, this same test boat has been used for numerous test, the videos are all free to watch on their website...
  9. ifmdalvey

    Hard Grounding

  10. ifmdalvey

    Hugo Boss, going slow !!

    Alex has lost one of his foils which slows him down on a port tac, no wonder he is leading the vendee Globe pack if this is him going slow. IMOCA Ocean Masters added a new video: Unique images of IMOCA60 HUGO BOSS sailing off the Kerguelen I...
  11. ifmdalvey

    Riding a mooring

    Last weekend i took a run up the lovely 12 mile Kennebec river to the city of Bath in Maine. Some nice old wood lighthouses to look at and moored at the Maine Maritime museum with the view of BIW and two DDG 1000 destroyers parked 1/4 mile away. Now there is a good current on this river, up to...
  12. ifmdalvey

    Sailing to Maine ??

    If you plan on sailing to Maine this summer there are several things that are guaranteed, Superb scenery, great quiet anchorages, lobsters and FOG. The USCG has instigated Mariner Radio Activated Sound Signal MRASS. This system is operated in a similar manner to the way that pilots approaching...
  13. ifmdalvey

    In Reach

    Delorme, a company local to myself and a few other contributors has just been bought up by Garmin. Delorme is well know for their State atlases, but what Garmin really wanted was the In Reach technology. /
  14. ifmdalvey

    To strain or not?

    This year i have had a problem,well two problems. i keep ingesting seaweed into my seacock for engine cooling and i live in cold Maine waters. I really want to avoid going over the side and pulling out the seaweed externally, i have done it twice so far. So the question is, do i fit a...
  15. ifmdalvey

    Eastport collapse

    A link below to a dock collapse at Eastport Maine. This might be a sign of our failing infrastructure so i will stick to anchoring in remote places rather than coming alongside...
  16. ifmdalvey

    Batten slides ?

    Hi Folks Looking for help to identify the manufacturer of this broken slide that i found today when getting my boat ready for hauling next week. The only clues are the word UP printed on the slide. The part on the sail has BATTSLIDE on it but nothing i can find on the web looks like what i...
  17. ifmdalvey

    Seaward Princess

    Hello everyone It sounds like the name of my boat but no, it is my 3 burner LPG boat stove, made by Seaward Inc in 1994. The oven pilot light will not stay on, just opening the door a little bit is enough to extinguish it, it has a really small flame to start with. Any body know if i can...
  18. ifmdalvey

    Interesting Maine visitors

    If you are sailing around Casco Bay on June 20 - 23, it will be worth your while to come to the Dolphin Marina in Harpswell to view these two lovely replica Columbus boats.
  19. ifmdalvey

    Cold Sailing in Maine

    Sorry but i lied, way too cold to sail but here are a couple of photos from flying today, around my local area. You can clearly see some the the ledges we like to avoid, Also Fort Popham , Cundy`s Harbour and Lombos Hole.
  20. ifmdalvey

    Bounty Captain Reckless?

    Below is a report on the sinking of the Bounty, found reckless but i would have thought a poor decision maker would have been more appropriate >