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  1. DougM

    Maybe I have blundered and offended the sellers of two boats i have tried to buy?

    I just sold my boat privately. I had it listed on SBO and one other reputable site. I had numerous inquiries, and for the most part it was easy to differentiate the serious lookers from the scammers. I literally ended up with two serious offers on the same day. Both potential buyers were...
  2. DougM

    Moorage Madness

    Mooring… Zero dollars annually for the last 24 years. I have deeded 50 foot seawall mooring with shore power that came with the place when I when I bought it. (never mind that it impacts my property tax, but I probably couldn’t break that apart. My “ big cost” is winter storage from mid...
  3. DougM

    recirculating ball bearing outhaul car rebuild

    Perfect solution… Mine only cost me the Michigan 10 cent can deposit. Drink the contents and push the empty into the boom end. I only had a problem in the Spring when I removed the winter cover, and birds would begin to build a nest.
  4. DougM

    OK... it isn't a boat, but...

    I can’t be sure, but that looks like a BMW bumper fascia. If so, you may nor want to even try to remove it. The fasteners are single use types and prone to break easily making it impossible to reattach properly. We had a really good body shop not wanting to take the fascia apart and aware of the...
  5. DougM

    Dinghy storage

    I hung my dinghy with straps beneath from the rafters in my unheated garage in 2015, fully inflated. It sags a bit in the winter but by spring when the weather warms up, the air in it expands and its back to normal. Due to extenuating circumstances it been in that location for six years…
  6. DougM

    US SPARS Question

    I didn’t recall that piece being stainless steel, though you may be correct... I thought those were aluminum. Not much help to you, but I have two of them in my junk box a thousand miles away from where I am.
  7. DougM

    Sealed with a bow (and a stern, too)

    I’m at about 45degN, haulout just after labor day, never to be in the water again until Memorial day. I had a trusted marina and let them do the winterizing. They would be liable if something froze and broke, but never had an issue in 17 years. Batteries fully charged and completely...
  8. DougM

    US SPARS Question

    Thats a simple part to attach the spreader arm to the crossmember. You can easily make one by drilling and tapping a piece of bar stock. If I recall, its about 1/4 x 1/2 or 3/8 by 3/4 aluminum screw size 10-24 or 1/4-20.
  9. DougM

    How to remove 2 1/2 retaining nut?

    You had better hope that part is bronze and not brass. Brass doesn‘t like salt water…
  10. DougM

    How to remove old chart plotter on 311 pedestal

    More than likely, if you don’t see screw heads on top, they are under the bezel. Take a flat blade, work it under the edge of the bezel carefully, and the bezel should pop off, and expose the screws. I don’t know what the instrument pod looks like on a 331, but the pod on my 323 was a split...
  11. DougM

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Sailing is definitely over in northern Michigan. Weather forecast this week includes measurable snowfall. Not a big deal because most of us are hauled out and covered up or in the barn by the end of September.
  12. DougM

    Sling Positioning - Oceanis 430

    If you cannot find a manual and the sides of the hull are not marked at the rub rail, the only thing to use as a starting point would be positioning the slings at the bulkheads. Reiterating the comment above, remove the knotmeter paddlewheel and insert the plug. No matter how hard the yard...
  13. DougM

    Stupid owner recycled his B323 Propane Tank

    The cylinder in my 323 was a 10 pound aluminum tank. I’ve seen prices for a new one as much as $300. I sold it with the boat last month, never used the tank
  14. DougM

    End of season, mainsail removal... aka I am a dummy...

    Lazy Bag! Zip up the bag, Leave the front unzipped, drop the sail slugs out of the track one by one, slide the bag and sail off the boom, Done! Then you can take the bagged sail ashore, open it up, fold it for storage and put it in a sail bag.
  15. DougM

    How to remove 2 1/2 retaining nut?

    Plumbers Faucet/Drain socket? They are relatively tall and thin walled, if you can find a set with big enough sizes
  16. DougM

    Does anyone know what type of primary fuel filter would be installed on my 2009 Beneteau 37?

    OEM filter seems to have been the Racor 110A for years, at least in the US built boats. It seems somewhat basic, and some owners have changed to a larger Racor with a water separator drain.
  17. DougM

    Thanksgiving and Christmas

    It would be Corps‘... plural possessive. They all own it.
  18. DougM


    Instead of being concerned with finding a CNG source ( which seems to be a vanishing commodity), and trying to make a risky DIY adapter, why not convert to propane cylinders? Its fairly easy to change the stove fittings from one to the other, and any other device you may have. People who own...
  19. DougM

    European batteries replacement - oceanis 48 (2015)

    Measure the dimensions of the batteries, then go to the auto parts store if they’re 12 volt, and replace them. Not sure where the best place would be to get 6 volt golf cart batteries. At least that would be a start.
  20. DougM

    Dinghy outboard storage

    I store mine in the garage… Sorry, I couldn’t resist.