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  1. h2o_snow

    Tiller “slop” thoughts

    Not much to add here. Fill the gap via a graduated shim built up from cutting board material. Tight is right.
  2. h2o_snow

    H26 from lake to sea

    We trail and sail our H260 in the San Juans/Gulf Islands almost yearly. As Dave said - preventative trailer maintenance is key. Do your brakes work? I'm much less concerned about a flat than hubs - the finger test is good but a $20 infrared thermometer provides great data and a base...
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    Fear of sailing at night?

    I enjoy sailing at night however there have been a few morning where I've been happy to see the pre dawn. Have also dealt with crab pots on a Maine to Chesapeake run, but avoided getting tangled. During the 2018 Race To Alaska we hit a log hard around 2am, north of Bella Bella. I was off...
  4. h2o_snow

    Used H260 Deck Rigging Wanted

    Hi All, A long shot, but in my efforts to move towards true single line reefing I'm looking for a few old parts before paying the piper. What do you have in the the old "box o stuff" that any sailboat owner has acquired? 1-2 Deck organizers - thinking I can stack. 1-2 Mast base blocks Spare...
  5. h2o_snow

    H260 Model Year Differences?

    Hi Ted, Confused - do you mean: Differences between the H26 and 260? Differences between the H260 tiller and H260 wheel? Differences between the H260 (water ballast) and H260 (fixed keel) as noted above. Differences between H260 model years - I have been told that there were 3 different...
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    H260 Standing Rigging Replacement and Tuning Questions

    @sail sfbay Thanks for the link - should be good to go. Sent a pm on another subject. @CrispyCringle - You bet. Almost plug and play. As a cautionary tale - reportedly the H260 had 3 mast/spar manufactures. Good to know what you have and if in doubt send the old rigging to the shop to...
  7. h2o_snow

    H260 Standing Rigging Replacement and Tuning Questions

    @Jimmy Thanks. I found George's rigging info after I posted. Think he has retired from the H260. Saw your locale. Any info on the Powell ramps? They were thinking they would loose Wahweap sometime this summer.I would have considered a golf cart ride in March. (Friends Catalina 25).
  8. h2o_snow

    H260 Standing Rigging Replacement and Tuning Questions

    Hi Guys, Funky spring. Has a great cruise in the H260 on Lake Powell this March but have struggled since with vendors regarding several upgrades, including standing rigging. Ah..... Oh...... So - finally all set and going to replace our standing rigging on Tu. with help. Have a Loos...
  9. h2o_snow

    This is crazy

    I'd toss out that sailing fast is more fun for me than sailing slow. For the lowbagger set, a used Hobie 16 is about the cheapest way to sail (or explode) around 20mph. I still get excited on ours. And - the Beneteau First 27 looks pretty sweet at 19 mph+ for a trailer cruising boat (I'd really...
  10. h2o_snow

    Any plans for cruising this year?

    Already started. There is a bit to be said for being able to cruise at 70mph before you launch. Lake Powell in March. Just a bit early for stripers. Ah... Blah.... Hope to be in Desolation Sound this summer if our Canadian friend allow their COVID infested neighbors in. Gulf Islands, BC.
  11. h2o_snow

    Tohatsu MFS9.9EEPTL too big for H260?

    No issues with weight. Our Merc. Bigfoot 9.9 is slightly heavier and has been on the H260 since 2002. 25" for sure. 20" long shaft cavitates a lot.
  12. h2o_snow

    What is the one thing on your boat that you like the most?

    I like that the Sue Biscuit II offers maximum livability for a trailer sailor, clorox bottle. I like that I can set it up and derig solo. I like the ability to travel to different sailing locales at 65mph. I especially like the: water ballasted & sugar scoop stern features which allow pulling up...
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    Spring Clearance Auction Coming March 8-11

    Ah - an exciting time to be a low bagging sailor!
  14. h2o_snow

    New to me Hunter 26 clean/refit

    Thaniel, Thanks for the thread - great work on the H26. We find it very comfortable for two. A few thoughts. 1. We use a futon vs the factory foam in the rear bunk. Have never used the weird V berth for anything except storage - it now has non skid rubber mat. Having the table up on the...
  15. h2o_snow

    It's National Seafood Bisque Day!

    We crab a lot. Recommended
  16. h2o_snow

    Winter covers - full cover vs. cockpit cover

    Great thread. Interested in a cover for our H260. It has been in covered winter storage but will now be outside. Don't see much snow here in the Valley but wind and dirt are issues. Had not considered covering the hull. Any other lofts I should check out?
  17. h2o_snow

    Coolers - Objective Measure of Efficiency?

    IMO you are going to need to do some experimenting. Personally I would start with chilled beer, freeze 3" of water in the bottom of the cooler, fill with beer and cube ice, drain accordingly and cover with a wet white towel. Next step would be to freeze your beer assuming its canned. Old...
  18. h2o_snow

    Coolers - Objective Measure of Efficiency?

    Opening Pandora's box here. As @thinwater eloquently mentions - there are a lot of variables to consider. In a former life, I guided multiday river trips for many years. 6 to 23 day trips - a few in summer averaging over 100 degrees every day. Some real world large cooler thoughts...
  19. h2o_snow

    H260 Boat Covers

    Understand that - at least our dirt cleans up. Two seasons ago we had a brush fire on the far side of the ridge above our little marina (Spring Shores @ Lucky Peak, ID). All the boats got hit with fire retardant during the plane and chopper drops. PIA to scrub clean but the reality of...
  20. h2o_snow

    H260 Boat Covers

    Hi Dave, Essentially a full boat storage cover for a H260. Does not need to be over the mast. My thought is that my savings paying for open storage would cover the cost or a cover in 3 seasons. Usually trail for 1-2 extended cruises/year w/o a cover. We get very little snow here in the...