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    Upgraded Yamaha 37

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    1993-2000 39' to 46' boats in CA

    Any owners or brokers with a 1993 to 2000 vintage boat looking to sell in California? Please contact me through the Forum or at 760-560-6903. I am in the market for a 39' to 46' Beneteau Oceanis preferably. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Ed Serra
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    Cabin sole finish

    Looks like Ultimate Sole is no longer available and after much research, I am wondering if I should just use a good Gim Floor finish... Any coments? Regards, Ed Serra Sarah V Yamaha 37
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    New interior upgrades

    Recent upgrades on Sarah V
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    Anyone had contact with Yamaha Japan lately?

    Hello fellow Yamaholics: Anyone have success contacting Japan lately? I have tried several times to check availability on cockpit locker hinges and latches on my 1985 Yamaha 37 with no response. I would appreciate any input. Regards, Ed Serra Sarah V Yamaha 37
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    Yamaha 37 upgrades

    Hello all: Sarah V's upgrades are going well. My friend Roberto Durand is a genious with refinishing and the faux granite countertops and dinette. We are now doing the salon cushions which will be posted in a week or so. Anyone has any hardware or Yamaha items you don't need, let me know...
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    Looking for draw latches for Yamaha 37

    Hello group: Anyone has replaced the draw latches on the cockpit lockers on your Yamaha? I would like to replace all 6 on ours. I have only found a Southco draw latch that might work but I am having some difficulty finding a stocking distributor for these. I recently wrote to Japan but...
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    New Yamaha 37 owner

    Dear group: I am the new lucky owner of a great Yamaha 37 previously owned and lovingly cared for by Mr. Russ Sena. I plan and hope to upgrade and maintain this boat in as good a shape or better than the legacy left by the previous owner. I had the opportunity to sail the boat south from...