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  1. mjsb

    Yanmar Reface

    Presently replacing the sea water pump, fresh water pump, fuel lines, filters and belts, cleaning the heat exchanger and replacing all of the hoses and clamps. All the major pieces are for the most part Yanmar / Racor. The nuts and bolts on most of the equipment are showing their age, so my...
  2. mjsb

    Hoses from somewhere going nowhere.

    I have (2) 3/4" hoses that are sitting underneath my Yanmar 2GM20F on a Hunter 31. They are not hooked up to anything that I can see and when I have 'checked' them out as they come out of the starboard side engine bulkhead through a rubber gasket. There seems to be hydraulic fluid in them...
  3. mjsb

    RF ground

    Installing new Raymarine Instruments on an 87 Hunter. In their wiring directions that have the shielding being wired to a RF ground. i have no idea where the RF ground is on the boat. I know where the grounds are for the DC, over the keel, but Radio Frequency Ground, not yet.
  4. mjsb


    Has anyone had to replace the outhaul end cap on their boom. i have an 87 Hunter 31 and after inspecting all of the lines and hardware, getting ready for Elsa, I found the outhaul a little stiff and clunky, so an inspection was required, and I found the inside works had cracked and or broken...
  5. mjsb

    Chartplotters and GPS how do you decide.

    Gotta ask a question as I am so confused with the Chartplotter / GPS deal. I have Raymarine equipment on my boat, mostly installed in 2006 / 2007, that's a guess. I am looking at a Chartplotter / GPS as my new slip is Tampa Bay and all I keep hearing about is shallows. So what units do you have...
  6. mjsb

    Spring lines

    I have an 87 31' Hunter and in the marina I have moved the boat to the need for a spring lines is needed. I want to put cleats on the boat sized accordingly and in a location that is not a tripping hazard as I only have 2 feet and 10 toes and like them. Any help with regards to something that...