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  1. suttonwt

    Multi state fishing licences ??

    Hello, We are planning to fly into Ft Lauderdale, pick up a boat and sail her north up the east coast. I boat on the Lake Erie and I like to fish so I am planning to drop a hook in the water each time we make port or hit an anchorage. My question, I don't want to get a taxi and run out looking...
  2. suttonwt

    Need new tiller bracket

    So the new tiller arrived today for my 1968 Cal 28 and as I started to swap over the bracket I noticed that the brass was cracked in two places. Does anybody know where I can get a new tiller bracket for this boat? Thanks, Bill
  3. suttonwt

    Coastal sailing advice needed

    Hello, Some friends and I are planning to sail a 40' boat from Ft Lauderdale to Myrtle Beach in June. We are all experienced on the Great Lakes but not so much ocean. I'm looking for any advice and links to resources (coastal weather etc) for planning purposes. Thanks, Bill
  4. suttonwt

    Looking to purchase new sails

    I'm looking to replace 3 old (original?) sails on my 1968 Cal 28. Anyone have any suggestions on where I might purchase new sails on a very tight budget? Thanks, Bill
  5. suttonwt

    Top of compression post question

    Another member pointed out that I'd posted this in an old thread and suggested that I post it as new. I apologize if it shows up twice. The bit that sits between the top of the compression post and the mast step on my old 1968 Cal 28 looks like this (pic attached). Although all of the upper...
  6. suttonwt

    Looking for Cal 28 winch brand/ parts

    Hello, I have a 1968 Cal28-1 which failed a jib winch at the end of last season. Does anybody happen to know the brand of winches used on this boat or where I might get replacement parts (pawls) for the winches? Thanks for your help, Bill