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  1. gpd955

    Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

    Hello all. It has been a long time since I have been on. My son is a hockey player and 2 seasons ago he reached an age level where practice starts in May and the season starts in August so the past few summers have been spent in rinks and Anam Cara has been high and dry. As retirement...
  2. gpd955


    Anyone aware of any US companies, other than JOWI, that make cradles? We recently relocated the boat and the yard we want to take it to requires a cradle. They don't allow home made ones, only manufactured ones that have the backing of engineering. I just want to do some price comparison. Thanks
  3. gpd955


    Have 4 belts for the M25 with older alternator bracket. 3 are the Dayco and NAPA equivalent to the Universal and the other is slightly smaller but can be used in an emergency. Free to a good home. Can't get on the classifieds through the app. Just PM me if you're interested.
  4. gpd955

    2015 Video

    As usual for this time of year, here is our Summer 2015 video. Photos/videos and lyrics matched great this year! For those of us in the cold regions of the US (even though it hasn't been that cold) I hope this helps your countdown to sailing season go faster!
  5. gpd955


    Anyone in Aruba? Headed there on Saturday 12/5 until Sunday 12/13 if anyone would like to meet up for a drink or three.
  6. gpd955

    Survey eMail

    Just received and read the survey result email and would like to thank the forum staff for their amazing responsiveness. It's refreshing to see the results of a survey actually put to use! Keep up the great work!
  7. gpd955

    Vague Question

    I know I'm not being very specific here but I need some information on Bavaria Ocean 40's. Anything anyone can tell me about them would be great. Good, bad and ugly. Just looking for general opinions about the brand, owner support, systems on the boat, sailability, problems owners have had...
  8. gpd955

    Furl Tank

    Hello 309 Owners My dock neighbor and friend of over 30 years took delivery of a 2011 309 in June. Today he arrived at the marina to find a strong odor of fuel on the boat and diesel in the bilge. We started to troubleshoot the problem and cannot find access to the fuel tank. Using deductive...
  9. gpd955

    Weekendd Surprisee

    Arrived to find a small dripping crack on the cabin top. Found the source top sides. Cut out the offending piece, dry out the core and redneck? Sound like a plan???
  10. gpd955

    Anchor Roller

    My dock neighbor is attempting to remove and replace the anchor roller with a longer one. The forward bold came out easily but the aft one spins. Anyone know if it is secured with a nut or is it a screw like the other one? There's no way we can get to the underneath to see. Thanks!
  11. gpd955

    Annual Video

    It's been an extremely busy past 12 months. Haven't spent a lot of time on here or on my boat while I transitioned into a new assignment that has kept me occupied most of my waking hours. I did, however, manage to gather enough pics and video (had to solicit some) for the annual video. For...
  12. gpd955

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thankful for the opportunity to be one with the ocean! Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate on the fourth Thursday of November , and to those whose fourth Thursday in November is just another day, Happy Fourth Thursday in November to you!
  13. gpd955

    Thetford 37006 Pump

    Anyone have a good source for Thetford pumps? I'm replacing the pump on my WC Newport head and all of my searches yield parts and maintenance kits and not pumps.
  14. gpd955

    Prop Shaft/Rudder

    Has anyone replaced the prop shaft on the 310? Did you have to drop the rudder for reinstall? Please say no!!
  15. gpd955

    310 Immortalized

    Don't know how you feel about body art but I wanted to share my latest piece of work. Someone finally took a picture of my boat underway (I'm usually taking all the pics) and I thought it was such a good picture, it needs to be immortalized....well I probably should say "mortalized" since I am...
  16. gpd955

    Someting To Keep You Warm

    I know all of you have been waiting for the Summer 2013 Video..... Hopefully it will at least keep you warm!
  17. gpd955

    This Winter's Project

    This winter I plan on tackling what started out last year being the replacement of the lip seal on my SureSeal dripless shaft seal. What should have be a $30, one hour project has, like most boat projects, turned into something much more! Because of the small area between the SureSeal and the...
  18. gpd955

    Need backup here

    Friend with Hunter 410 plugs his shoreline in and shortly thereafter he realizes nothing is on and breakers tripped. This is what he finds. I say replace entire wire once the cause is found and fixed. He says if he cuts it back and installs the new shorepower wire and outlet it'll be ok...
  19. gpd955

    1986 31 Exhaust

    Was helping a friend diagnose the lack of flow from his exhaust today and found that everything works fine up to the exhaust muffler that's built into the boat in the SB cockpit locker. Hoses are clear, pump is pumping. Is this something that is generally cut out and replaced or would you...
  20. gpd955

    Quich Question- Hurth tranny

    Quick Question- Hurth tranny I have to slide my prop shaft out of the coupling about an inch or two so I can remove an old and install a new SureSeal lip seal for my formerly dripless shaft seal. Will removing the set screws on the coupling suffice or do I need to remove the entire coupling...