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  1. MrSteve007

    Hunter 326 Blisters

    Same here. A couple dime sized blisters near the waterline. Not too worried. Been keeping an eye on them for about three years now.
  2. MrSteve007

    Hunter 326 Max-Prop testing & speeds (2GM20F)

    Thanks! Yeah, she's pretty well setup now for multi week trips. I was recently going over old receipts and invoices, adding up all the upgrades over the past 5-years and realized I could have nearly bought another 326! I just finished watching some of your YouTube videos about your 326. I...
  3. MrSteve007

    Hunter 326 Max-Prop testing & speeds (2GM20F)

    I recently had my 326 hauled out, and had a fresh coat of bottom paint, the Max-Prop serviced and the hull waxed up all nice and shiny. She's loaded down for cruising (chain rode, dingy on davits, extra batteries, etc.), so she sits pretty low in the water. So low, that I had the waterline paint...
  4. MrSteve007

    Solar panel installation suggestions

    On my 326, I've been extremely pleased with a light weight Soliban branded flexible solar panel that uses an optional zipper style attachment system that's sewn into the Bimini fabric. The panel cost a pretty penny, but I saved quite a bit not having to worry about mounting hardware or...
  5. MrSteve007

    Bottom Paint Failing After 1 Month

    Just wanted to hop in and give a recommendation for a local boatyard. For the past 4 years, I've been very pleased with CSR in Des Moines. This year I moved up to Shilshole, so I used CSR Ballard for my haulout this year. The cost of a haulout of my Hunter 326, including pressure washing, 1-coat...
  6. MrSteve007

    Some pretty pictures of my 326 in British Columbia

    Original DJI Phantom w/ GoPro 3+ Black I'll have to double check my settings, but it was probably with my 24mm lens at around F1.4 or F1.8 and about 12-15 seconds with a Canon 5D mii. Other than some minor contrast and highlight adjustments, I prefer to take photos that are unaltered...
  7. MrSteve007

    Some pretty pictures of my 326 in British Columbia

    I was lucky enough to be able to spend a month sailing my Hunter in British Columbia this August, traveling a little under a 1,000 miles. Thought you guys might enjoy some of the photos I snapped during the trip. Drone view, leaving Commencement Bay, Tacoma, WA Snapped this shot of some...
  8. Chatterbox Falls

    Chatterbox Falls

  9. Handoff


  10. Stars


  11. Blind Channel, British Columbia

    Blind Channel, British Columbia

  12. Sunset at Succia

    Sunset at Succia

  13. Drone view

    Drone view

  14. Mount Baker from Succia Island

    Mount Baker from Succia Island

  15. Princess Louisa

    Princess Louisa

  16. MrSteve007

    Drone flyby

    While it has yet to serve me a practical purpose, during a period of light wind today, I decided to send up my DJI Phantom and buzz around the my 326. Thought you guys might enjoy the snapshot from the video feed. I fly it with first-person goggles, so I get a live video feed. Any suggestions...
  17. MrSteve007

    Thinking about adding an inverter to H33

    Be careful with the quality of the inverter. In most modern inverters, you have two main options, which largely dictate price; pure sine wave, or a "modified" / "square stepped" sine wave inverter. If you're running sensitive (or expensive) electronics, you'll want an inverter with a pure sine...
  18. MrSteve007

    Hunter 28.5 - Is 13 HP Yanmar Enough Power?

    Well, I'm still thinking over the refit quote, and the engine currently has a worsening oil leak from the lower front area, near the sea water pump. Since I've owned the boat over the past two years, she's been a very reliable, trouble free engine. On my most recent, month long trip into...
  19. MrSteve007

    Hunter 28.5 - Is 13 HP Yanmar Enough Power?

    Actually, yes. Just this week I got a quote to repower with a 3YM30. The complete engine is $10k, and associated labor to modify the rear engine mounts, remove the 2GM, install the 3YM, and modify the engine hatch/steps was another $4k. Seems a little steep, but it's a reputable shop that I've...
  20. MrSteve007

    Hunter 28.5 - Is 13 HP Yanmar Enough Power?

    I've found that the 2GM20F on my 326 to be a bit anemic . . . But then again, I go out in some bad weather. With a steady 30 knot headwind and 4'-6' seas, she makes only 2.5 - 3.5 knots over ground, screaming along at 3,400 RPM.