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  1. MrSteve007

    Hunter 326 Max-Prop testing & speeds (2GM20F)

    I recently had my 326 hauled out, and had a fresh coat of bottom paint, the Max-Prop serviced and the hull waxed up all nice and shiny. She's loaded down for cruising (chain rode, dingy on davits, extra batteries, etc.), so she sits pretty low in the water. So low, that I had the waterline paint...
  2. MrSteve007

    Some pretty pictures of my 326 in British Columbia

    I was lucky enough to be able to spend a month sailing my Hunter in British Columbia this August, traveling a little under a 1,000 miles. Thought you guys might enjoy some of the photos I snapped during the trip. Drone view, leaving Commencement Bay, Tacoma, WA Snapped this shot of some...
  3. MrSteve007

    Drone flyby

    While it has yet to serve me a practical purpose, during a period of light wind today, I decided to send up my DJI Phantom and buzz around the my 326. Thought you guys might enjoy the snapshot from the video feed. I fly it with first-person goggles, so I get a live video feed. Any suggestions...
  4. MrSteve007

    To Stripe, or Not To Stripe? That Is The Question.

    Well, she's up and out of the water for some slight refitting and maintenance. My factory vinyl stripes were starting to look a little faded and torn, so I'm taking them off. My question to the forum: should I keep them off, or do you think Hunters look better with the hull stripes?
  5. MrSteve007

    Spring is around the corner: What upgrades have you planned?

    I know the "winter doldrums" won't last forever - and I've been sitting here, thinking of the best upgrades to do to my boat for the upcoming season. I'm curious if you guys have similar thoughts on your mind? I'm planning for a haul-out in the coming weeks, and some upgrades to add some...