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  1. Mechone

    recirculating ball bearing outhaul car rebuild

    I did fabbed one out of sheet aluiminum ,not a good picture boom is hanging on wall in my garage drilled and tapped
  2. Mechone

    2000 Oceanis 411 Rudder Issue

    I believe I read somewhere Beneteau farmed out some later 411 rudders to Tides marine. Your rudder and bearing would also come from them, not Beneteau . They made the bearings out of UHMW which I believe is cheapy cheap . Delrin is tensile strength 10,000 psi UNMW 3100 psi and delrin is 10x the...
  3. Mechone

    US SPARS Question

    Have you tried rig-rite or Z spars UK ,maybe you will get lucky and they have old stock on shelf. Is it just a tapped piece of 316 stainless ?Mine is different ,mine is a solid piece drilled going thru mast and spreaders slide on and bolt thru it
  4. Mechone

    recirculating ball bearing outhaul car rebuild

    You can do it no issues using a dab of grease then washing it out after as it will collect and hold dirt putting you back to where you were. Another way that is easy ,although involves work is to remove the boom and stand it up vertical ,now the balls drop in going no where, put the last few in...
  5. Mechone

    331 Oceanis wiring diagram

    One black and two red electrical switches | Sailboat Owners Forums Go to post #8 and this 1/BOTH/2/OFF Switches Thoughts & Musings | Sailboat Owners Forums
  6. Mechone

    Plastimo Olympic 135 Compass replacement

    Had the same isse finally broke down and bit the bullet and bought a new one . Mine sits in a hole on cockpit table and could not find one large enough to fit hole . I could have used starboard to shrink hole, but opted to just buy a new one. It was 25 years old
  7. Mechone

    Beneteau 473 with low maximum speed

    How much weight are you carrying ? I have seen this people living on the boat have it loaded down with thousands of pounds of gear, provisions , stuff, full water tanks/ fuel . I replaced my main with a new tri-radial sail ,hard to shape (furling main) ,the boat was a knot faster with the old...
  8. Mechone

    Air conditioning condensation pump

    It looks to me no more than a low pressure chemical injector about 30 dollars on ebay and as far as plastic the mermaid has plastic barbs on the pump hose which are cheap and break easy. I have had the plastic one for 6 years no issues and salt does not like brass
  9. Mechone

    Air conditioning condensation pump

    I installed a fertilizer injector off amazon 6 years ago pan has been dry as a bone ever since
  10. Mechone

    '94 Oceanis 351 (BEY62042E494), cable route to fwd nav light.

    Most likely runs across cabin roof from the starboard side over to port electrical panel . There is a conduit from the panel to just under the mast . I have pulled wires thru it .you would just have to feed to the other side. Also you would most likely get a better answer on the 351 /352...
  11. Mechone

    New bilge pump

    My guess cost cutting a remote diaphram pump is 3x the cost and is self priming and is positive displacement , these impeller pumps are rated with no restrictions and at no lift height. Add in lift and hose length thru hull and your no where what the rating is. I added one into my bilge along...
  12. Mechone

    Filler Neck Replacement on Yanmar YM-series Heat Exchanger?

    As a mechanic the tools are overkill a socket and JB weld will install no issues 5 years ago I did it. When you buy a new filler neck it now comes with JB weld
  13. Mechone

    B 311 bilge pump float switch

    I did the same on my 351 tricky ,however with patience you can get it . I added a bilge alarm too . Some people install a switch under setee rather then to the panel. I also added a vertical float switch in parallel with horizontal swich as the bilge is shallow
  14. Mechone

    Mods to our 35s5

    Very nice refit ,unreal what some people do to their boat. Looks like you could add a cockpit table to enjoy outdoor dinning
  15. Mechone

    Leaking Boat Stanchions

    I can get at some of mine , if they are behind a cabinet ... you may have to remove cabinet to access. Other manufacturers are the same , my buddy has a Catalina 310 stantions bent from winter winds . Basically he has to rip apart all the cabinets to gain access. Using a flex shaft , universal...
  16. Mechone


    I have one electric winch , I do everything with one winch and just use the other winch to to guide over to electric. Many older sailors add an electric winch to keep sailing.
  17. Mechone

    Oceanis 37: leaking Volvo Stern Gland shaft seal when engine is running

    My buddy sailed with a hose clamp around it for 2 years not knowing he was to lubricate it with" Volvo grease only" ,he never lubed it. Changed it out 3 years ago lube it burp it no leaks and same as mine
  18. Mechone

    Leaking Boat Stanchions

    Unbolt it from underneath, one big nut per stanchon. Some one most likely pushed on it with it loose
  19. Mechone

    Beneteau 361 Cutless Bearing Repalcement

    Well If he wants to go that route not on a Beneteau , I did and my run out is .001 . You need to have a 25mm plug machined that fits tight on shaft and if my memory is correct 40mm on the od . With the new cutlass in and the bushing this puts the shaft dead nuts center in the tube with zero...
  20. Mechone

    Beneteau 361 Cutless Bearing Repalcement

    Remove the 2x nylon M6 screws ,new ones are on amazon. Remove prop pull out cutlass . Now the bad news ,if you can't get it out you must remove the shaft . On my boat 351 the rudder had to be dropped to remove . Then from the inside in found a socket that fit inside of tube adding extensions...