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  1. Mechone


    Anyone direct me in removal of stanchions ,forward and gate ,do cabinets have to be removed for access? Can see the lower nuts .Is it nuts way up inside or did they glass in a plate and tap?
  2. Mechone

    Unknown item

    Hi does anyone know what this is used for , the middle rod had a piece of rope spliced to it.Found it cleaning up
  3. Mechone

    universal m25xp injector pump

    Buddies injector pump was leaking bad at plungers, pulled pump last year and sent it to diesel shop for new O-rings. Installed it bled it engine fired right up full throttle shut down would not stop engine held hand over air intake killed it . Double checked pin on pump in slot . moving...
  4. Mechone

    Traveler Mod

    I copied Jokers 460 traveler mod with a few updates ,instead of drilling and tapping line organizer ,I removed one of the m8 flat head bolts and replaced it with a 316 stainless m8 eyebolt and added 2 x40mm blocks and 2x clutches
  5. Mechone

    Perkins M30 Mods

    Here's a few pics of mods made to my m30 . I added an air filter engine came without one. I used 316 stainless pipe 1 1/4 and machined a plate . Bought washable filter off ebay Added a recover tank off ebay for cooling system and converted v-belt to serpentine drive and machined up a belt tensioner
  6. Mechone

    furling main

    Has anyone replaced their original furling main ,with one with vertical battens increasing the roach ,giving 20 -25 % more sail area. Looking for some feed back before making the plunge
  7. Mechone

    Mid ship cleat

    Just another way of installing a cleat without drilling into boat. I machined up 2 aluminum pieces. Cleats fold up out of way.
  8. Mechone

    Cast iron keel

    For past 2 years after haul out I have had rust coming thru micron on keel , my buddy with his 375 first too. Hours of sanding and painting on 2000e epoxy coat Last year we both installed 2 zincs on keel before launch teardrop style. Haul out today, both of us had no rust on our keels
  9. Mechone

    Inverter location 351

    Installing a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter . Does anyone have a factory installed inverter and where was it installed. My a/c panel has location for 2nd double pole breaker with lock out.
  10. Mechone

    Beneteau 351 keel

    Purchasing a 351 , currently sitting on a 6 pad cradle. The yard added 2 jack stands at back of boat saying it needed them. They say the keel cannot support the weight of the boat and starts to push up. Is this normal? There looks to be no cracks in joint or stringers. If this is the norm...