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  1. DougM

    Seventeen Years and Out!

    Well, that bittersweet day has come. The boat is sold and delivered to a new owner. Bought it in September of 2004 and sold it in September 2021. Now it remains to be seen as to how long I can remain boatless. Is there a 12 step program for this?
  2. DougM

    Raymarine autopilot upgrade question

    This is just an exploratory question. I have a Raymarine ST6001 hydraulic autopilot that seems to be getting wonky, and not maintaining a heading. The hydraulic pump itself seems to be functioning normally. I have not yet done the obvious step yet of calibration. I know the rudder position...
  3. DougM

    Raymarine RS 125 external GPS question

    In a prior thread there was discussion about external and chartplotter internal gps use. I have an external RS 125 that I abandoned when I installed a new plotter with internal gps. I really could use the 125 to attach to my VHF as it was previously. My question is does anyone have a source for...
  4. DougM

    Electronic anomalies

    July 4 marks the first time my boat has actually sailed since September 2019. It was a good day with decent wind and I actually had everything properly rigged which was probably a ”first” . I started to seriously look at instrument readings and they were strange and hopefully I can sort them...
  5. DougM

    Looking for a source for this part:

    Its common name is a ”sex bolt” most commonly used in furniture assembly. I need one in stainless M6 size. The local Fastenal store only has non stainless/english thread. Not much of a market for these here in the hinterland...don’t want to buy in quantity. I need one only. They secure the back...
  6. DougM

    B & R rig question

    Just curious: Some Hunter sailboats have been marketed with B & R rigs, and now the new Beneteau 30.1 appears to have the same. Typically the aft support comes from the swept back spreaders bringing the shrouds further back In the sailplan. I raced MC scows with a similar setup so I know the...
  7. DougM

    “Wonky” autopilot compass

    I’m guessing age might have something to do with it, but my Raymarine ST6000 autopilot compass has evidently lost its mind... its on its 14th season. The autopilot compass bearing reads anywhere from 90 to 180 degrees “off”from the magnetic compass, depending on the actual heading. I have done...
  8. DougM

    Radar mounting dilemma

    I installed a new radar on my 323 last summer, and am looking for solutions to correcting the angularity of the mount. Long story short, I did not want a mast mount so I opted for a Scanstrut backstay mount. The issue is related to the split backstay. Because there is really no room around...
  9. DougM

    Using Gennaker with a top down furler

    I have a nearly new North gennaker that I rarely use mainly because I am sailing shorthanded (not solo) with inexperienced crew at times. I am wondering if anybody has converted an existing sail like this to use on a top down furler. I am familiar with the hardware needs (and cost). What, if...
  10. DougM

    DSC from MFD to VHF

    Just replaced my Raymarine C70 MFD with an eS750. I have everything communicating except making a connection for DSC to my iCom VHF. It was connected NMEA 0183 in the old unit, but I have used the 0183 port on the new MFD to connect the old seatalk instruments. (should have used the bigger...
  11. DougM

    Disconnecting a Forestay

    I have to possibly detach the forestay on my Beneteau323 to increase its length slightly by adding an extra shackle. There is no turnbuckle, otherwise this would be a no brainer. I've done it before on small boats, but never on a 32 footer. I am wondering if any of those of you on this forum...
  12. DougM

    AquaSignal Anchor light question

    I just received a new AquaSignal SW34 anchor light to install on my new mast. It arrived as 2 Parts, base and lens with potted LED. So before I install it on the mast I want to figure out how it goes together. Dumb Move!. Turns out its a twist lock that clicks shut. Now I cannot get the thing...
  13. DougM

    Antifreeze drain/flush replace.

    Changing the antifreeze on my Yanmar 2GM20F is on the agenda because its due (probably overdue).This is not one of my favorite tasks Does anybody who does their own have any easy tried and true ways of doing this? My boat is still on the hard, and I want to do the change before re-launching. I...
  14. DougM

    What's different- Raystar 125 to Raystar150?

    Does anyone have any idea what the significant differences are between the Raystar 125 and the newer Raystar 150 GPS "puck"? Will the 125 talk to the newer eS series MFD, or does it even need to?
  15. DougM

    Fuel tank access cover removal????

    My bene323 has a plastic fuel tank which is fairly accessible. I need to remove the cover in order to change the sending unit. I can easily remove the screws, but cannot seem to get the cover to budge without possibly damaging it. Any suggestions as to what may be preventing its removal?
  16. DougM

    Another adjustment question, re: split backstay.

    I didn't want to hijack the thread about the 311 backstay adjustment , but would like to determine a means of adjusting a 323 split backstay without using a triangle plate and block system to pinch the two stays together. I was considering a change to a single backstay from the masthead to...
  17. DougM

    Plastimo Compass Calibration

    The Plastimo compass on the pedestal of my Beneteau 323 appears to have lost its calibration. Even though I have the installation instructions for it, I cannot seem to locate any calibration screws. I did determine the method for removing it from the pedestal which is easy enough, but even if I...
  18. DougM

    Salon tabletop peeling clearcoat

    I know there have been posts about interior finish before, but wondered if anyone had a magical fix... I have a spot on one leaf of the salon table about the size of a beer can ring where the clear coating has begun to peel. The problem is that the delamination, if you want to call it that, is...
  19. DougM

    Shaft coupling question.

    There is probably a good reason, but I have always wondered.... Since engine to shaft alignment seems to be a fairly regular maintenance issue, and it's necessary to disconnect occasionally, why are either universal joints or CV joints not used ( other than cost)? It would seem that that type of...
  20. DougM

    12 volt fridge qiestions

    This is just a curiosity thing. My boat has a refrigerator that has for all intents and purposes never been put to use. I just have not needed it. When I did start it up new, probably back in 2005, the compressor ran 24/7 . I presumed it was low on refrigerant but could not find a fitting...