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  1. Hydro Therapy

    Sail cover repair question

    I should of listened to the majority. i had that stack pack made by a reputable sail loft in NJ 3 years back. It cost me $400 at the time. i took it to a marine canvas/sail shop in St Augustine for repairs.The repair work consisted of re stitching the main zipper, adding a 2nd reef slit and...
  2. Hydro Therapy

    Sail cover repair question

    Thanks for the replies. I will check out the links. I used one of those awls before. It was one hideous repair job.
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    Sail cover repair question

    I have a mainsail stack pack style cover. It is sewn into the foot of the mainsail. The zipper that closes the cover needs re sewn in sections. If I take to a canvas shop I would have to take the sail and cover as one since it’s attached. Has anyone used a handheld sowing machine on sunbrella...
  4. Hydro Therapy

    fiberglass repair in NJ

    If you decide to tackle it yourself I have bought gelcoat from a place in your area. I believe it’s called Barnegat Light Fiberglass supply. If you can remove a area and take it to them, maybe your anchor locker cover they can match the color. I would hate to lose a season waiting for someone...
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    Transport Costs?

    It took a week or two to get my quote. He transports He delivers 1 boat per week and is on the road for days.
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    Boat mover

    3rd vote for Sailors Moving Sailers. He will raise and lower the mast but I don’t think he can load your boat from a ramp. It’s worth a call to him. I used them last Oct and was very satisfied.
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    Transport Costs?

    I had my 28 foot Precision shipped from NJ to Florida last November. I believe the total was $4,800. That included mast removal and raising again. PM me if you want the company name.
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    Cabin top rail removal?

    If water intrusion exists I will over drill and fill. Brokenarm gave me a idea. I have some of that flex tape onboard. That stuff is super sticky and water resistant. I may cut small pieces to cover.
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    Cabin top rail removal?

    I would like to strip down and refinish my cabin top rails. The best way to do the job would be to remove them. If I take that approach it would probably be a 2 to 3 day task. It appears that my rails have threaded bolts that go through the cabin top. The nuts are inside the cabin. So it appears...
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    Best Lazy Cradle/Stack Pack System

    I had Mack Pack knock off made by a local sailmaker. It was less money and high quality. I love the convenience of dropping and zipping. You may want to check with a local shop if one exists in your area.
  11. Hydro Therapy

    Exciting and potentially expensive day yesterday ( drivetrain & window)

    I bought my boat 4 years ago. The port window had the same straight vertical crack. The previous owner cut a 1 inch wide piece of acrylic and chalked it in place. The window has not leaked in my 4 years of ownership and the piece actually looks like it belongs there.
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    Dehumidifier Suggestions

    I don’t recall the brand name of the one I use but it looks very similar and is around the same size. I also placed a hole in the collector to allow it to drain in the sink. It works well
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    Sailing with cabin top hatch open?

    That may work. Going to look into that and how to rig it. Thanks
  14. Hydro Therapy

    Sailing with cabin top hatch open?

    Thanks for the responses. I generally use the tactic mentioned. I guess I will work on improving
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    Sailing with cabin top hatch open?

    Has anyone found a way to sail with the hatch open and keep the headsail sheets from getting stuck? I know it’s not advisable to sail with it open but my boat doesn’t have the best ventilation. I sail on the St Johns River so waves aren’t usually a issue. Ive thought of running a line from...
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    My wife and I moved to St Augustine Florida from NJ 5 months back. I know your interested in the west coast so I’m no help with that. One of the first things that stuck out to us was how friendly and helpful the the DMV workers are. I would have to give that government agency a 10. In NJ I...
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    How old is this Harken selftailer?

    I never inquired once I heard the price. I will say that there customer service was helpful and easy to get in contact with. As far as the age of mine. They where original equipment on my 94 Precision.
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    How old is this Harken selftailer?

    I recently replaced my Harlen 16 Single speed ST,s. They had that same roller setup and where total crap. It would not self tail when using. It didn’t matter how I adjusted the winches. I replaced many parts and it did not help. I called harken and they gentlemen advised that it was a bad...
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    O'Day 240 cockpit size / dimensions

    I owned a 240. I would commonly sail with a total of 4 adults. It was a great boat. The cabin had good head room for a boat that size. I really liked the way it was set up and sailed well. I only sold her because I wanted wheel steering. If I wanted to go back to a tiller I would look for...
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    Opinion on Keel Crack

    I agree with Tally Ho. My last boat was a O’day 240. It was also a wing keel model. The keel on that model was never noted to be a problem . You could see the seam on the keel stub just like the 302 you pictured. The bilge never had a drop of water. My current boat is a Precision 28 and the...