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  1. emergpa1

    Thru hull

    I have an acquaintance who is asking what the hole through hole is below the waterline On the bottom of the hallnear the stern of his boat Is for. If I remember correctly thanks for the sink?
  2. emergpa1

    Amp hour use

    What would be the Amp hour use For an upper right 1.1 ft.³ freezer in a boat that is rated at 79W and 1.1 amp hours. To make things worse it will be hooked to a small, let’s say efficient, converter. Question posted on a Facebook boat owners forum.
  3. emergpa1

    Bilge paint

    have you guys found paint from Home Depot or Lowe's that works well for bilge paint?
  4. emergpa1

    What diameter packing for stuffing box?

    I have a 1987 Island packet 31 foot with one inch shaft. 3gm 30f engine. I need to re-stuff the shaft seal but do not know which diameter packing to buy. I see there are 3/8 inch, 1/4 Inch, and up . Anyone have an idea? Thanks
  5. emergpa1

    Preparing for haul out

    We are going to haul Otter out of the water later this week. The marina we will use is Green Cove Springs. Things I need to do include bottom, rigging, replace seacocks, clean or replace fuel tank/fresh water tank, pull and inspect the mast, replace some portlight's, buff and polish, etc...
  6. emergpa1

    How to drain racor500 bowl

    Hi. I wanted to check with you guys before I break this little plastic knob on the bottom of my Racor 500 bowl. I need to open it and drain some dirty fuel. It looks like it simply unscrews but I wanted to be sure. It does not feel like it unscrews as it has sort of a rubbery feel to it and...
  7. emergpa1

    3.5 hp four stroke Tohatsu carburetor crew part

    Engine running poorly, float sticking, so I pulled the carburetor for cleaning. I am currently on a mooring ball in Saint Augustine and am stuck on the boat until I get this resolved. when I took the carburetor apart a small rubber plug was laying in the bowl. I am having a hard time finding...
  8. emergpa1

    Letting the teak go gray

    The cap rails on my boat need to have the finish stripped and reapplied every 5 to 8 months.The problem is this is a very wet area of the boat and it wicks water up between the joints in the teak planks. I am not interested in removing the teak and sealing the bottom. I have decided to try a...
  9. emergpa1

    Cleanout access for aluminum freshwater tank.

    I want a cleanout access port for our aluminum freshwater tank because even after multiple cleanings we continue to have a lot of white crystals in our plumbing. These things result in clogging up the filters. In addition we get a foul odor if we leave the boat for more than a few days. I...
  10. emergpa1

    salon cushions

    We are about to replace our interior boat cushions. We have an IP 31 and live aboard. We sleep in the V birth and will be replacing those cushions too. I would like to get some advice from those who have replaced their interior cushions regarding fabric type and foam type. I was thinking that...
  11. emergpa1

    Ten seconds to live.

    In ten seconds I would be required to make a decision that decided if we lived or died and I had no clue it was about to happen. Saturday about noon I had my head down looking a nautical chart while Lynn sat just to my left in the captain's seat. It was a bright sunny day and we were motoring...
  12. emergpa1

    Rough time/dangerous bridge ICW: Lake Worth/North Palm Beach

    Originally posted this deep in another thread, but thought I would edit it for errors and repost and open for comments and feedback. I certainly did not begrudge the large boaters for not slowing down. Even though the wakes are large and we rocked a lot. I still understood those things burn a...
  13. emergpa1

    Oil in exhaust, low power

    I have an island packet with a 1986 3GM30F Yanmar. . While motoring down the intercoastal waterway yesterday I experienced a gradual loss of power. I have Blacksmoke, oil droplets in the exhaust, and an oil leak that is fairly high on the engine block though I am not sure exactly where it's...
  14. emergpa1

    small vessel reporting system blues

    The red tape is giving me the blues, i can't figure this out: I am trying to get all my ships papers in order to go to the bahamas. I am trying to get the small vessel reporting system registration done. I am online and filling out the "application wizard. but when i try to complete the form it...
  15. emergpa1

    Sailmaker advice in Cocoa, Fla

    After sailing a couple days on the open Atlantic from Jekyll to Cape Canaveral, I realized my sail handling gear needed upgrading. My whisker pole off my old boat was insufficient for handling the jib, and my main sail track was awkward and difficult to raise and lower the sail in any...
  16. emergpa1

    Bemusings with Rummage Sail

    After considerable assumptions, suppositions, half drunken research and testing, I have come to some important conclusions regarding sailboat electrics. First of all, all cable must be the largest that is available on the shelf at West Marine or the general electric medium transformer plant...
  17. emergpa1

    Continuing the electrical and charging upgrade IP 31

    I have upgraded the solar charge controller and alternator. The solar charge controller is a midnight kid. The solar panels are two 180 watt in series. I realize there are some drawbacks to series but it seems to be working great and so I choose to leave it that way. One nice thing is it sits...
  18. emergpa1

    midnite solar "the Kid"

    here it is, came today after months of waiting for them to become available. i was hoping (but doubted) to be able to just mount it and attach the wires after removing the old BPZ500 charge controller that is causing a RF noise on my VHF radio (see earlier post). I have two solar panels, in...
  19. emergpa1

    Anchor trip Line, how to?

    I have done an online search including YouTube and the manufacturer site but cannot find out how to use this. Can someone help me?
  20. emergpa1

    Overheating yanmar 3gm30f

    I recently had to replace the water temperature sending unit. I had broken the connector screw while installing a new water pump pulley while doing a serpentine belt and high output alternator upgrade.. Yesterday after completing the alternator upgrade project, I started the engine for the...