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  1. Tucker67

    Boom alignment on Hunter 41ac

    I have replaced my topping lift on my hunter 41 ac and noticed that unless I really hoist the boom up my the pulley on the traveler and the pulley on the boom hit. It seems to me the pulley on the boom is too far forward. Pictures attached. If I want to movie it further to the stern I would...
  2. Tucker67

    Hardtop for a Hunter 41AC

    I am starting to think about building a hardtop for my Hunter 41AC. and am looking for input, pictures, things to watch out for from anyone who has attempted to do this. I know one main consideration is the arch and how to work the top around it. As always thanks in advance for your input
  3. Tucker67

    Water heater element replacement

    Good morning, my issue is that I have an strong smell coming from my hot water heater. The water heater is a force 10 11 gallon 120 amp 1500w heater. Based on the following actions I think it has to do with the heating element. Actions taken. 1. Hydrogen peroxided the water tanks and hot...
  4. Tucker67

    Hunter 41 Solar & Mounting Recommendations

    I am looking to add solar to my AC 41 this winter current thinking is 2X 295 W mono panels instead of 4X 100 W mono panels wired in parallel. Placement would be some kind of solar davit off the arch to minimize shading. But what is making me hesitant about this idea is the cost of the davit...
  5. Tucker67

    Hunter 41 main sail outhaul line

    Hi all, I have a 41 hunter with a furling main sail and am trying to determine the correct length and diameter of the mainsail outhaul line. Location wise it is the second line on the starboard side stopper ( counting left to right). Looking at the manual it’s not clear in the running rigging...
  6. Tucker67

    Sanitation hose length hunter 41

    hi all I am looking for anyone who knows the sanitation hose lengths for a hunter 41. The manual gives a good diagram of the hose layouts and the diameter, also on this forum are some really in-depth reviews of what type of hoses and brands to buy but nowhere can I find the length of the hose...
  7. Tucker67

    Fresh water leak water in bilge - cant find the culprit Help Hunter 41 ac

    So I noticed I have water in my bilge resulting in the bilge pump going off every so often. I have narrowed it down to the fresh water system specifically when all the valves on the manifold are closed and I open the shore water line inlet I start seeing water in the bilge. Did notice a drip...
  8. Tucker67

    Hunter 41 keel composition

    Hi all I have been looking at hunter 41’s and one of the questions I have I can’t find a definitive answer so was hoping you could point me to the right resources. Q: what is the keel made out of on the 2006 and 2007 41’s. Iron or lead I have got conflicting answers so feel like who’s on first
  9. Tucker67

    41 owners input on crusing the ICW and Caribbean

    I am a Stinkpotter looking at purchasing a hunter 41s or 44s and would like to get input from owner of these models. It will be my wife two dog .... likes, dislikes , multi week livability and specifically how they handle in the ICW, the Caribbean and in heavy seas. Not many videos or comments...