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    Southern California Oday Rendezvous

    Trying to put together a Rendezvous in the Channel Islands area. The east coast has one with Peter and Mickey and the gang. But to be honest so few Odayers that participate in social media on the west coast. If your in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Channel Islands or Marina Del Rey and are...
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    Does anyone know where I can post these so the Cal owners can get one. This forum doesnt allow you to post things for sale.
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    CDI Furler Reefer

    Does anybody have a spare drum lying around. CDI does not make anymore. Thanks
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    272 water in forward bulkhead under vberth

    Has anyone ever had water accumulate in this area? No leaks on deck and only one thru hull at galley sink. Replaced every single hose. No water at all when at slip. Appears is happening when sailing. The bulk head is sealed except with access holes on port and starboard side. About 3 feet high...
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    272 Spinnaker Halyard

    Major issue today with brand new spin halyard mounted on bail with garhauer block. Boatyard mounted it and said wouldn't interfere with my furler. Sure as all get up first time out tangles up with furler and had to pull spin halyard off in order to roll up furler. What are other 272 owners...
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    Neil Pryde Sails Question

    How many Oday Owners are still flying Neil Pryde Sails? The reason I ask is I am the guy that makes all the boat company tees and was thinking about making a Tee like this one since my boat still has Neil Pryde Sails. Give me your thoughts. I already received permission, but not sure how many...
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    272 main salon

    Question for 272 or 272LE owners. In your main salon are the cushions for the back hinged or stationary? The reason I ask you is because mine are stationary and not hinged. I was reading my original brochure and it says they are hinged so it can become a sleeping bunk.
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    Anchor/bow roller needed addition

    I want to add a Anchor roller on my Oday 272. Has anyone added one and if so please post a picture. I am looking for all ideas. Thanks for your help
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    1989 Oday 272 Review (1 Year)

    This is my one year review of my 272 I purchased exactly one year ago. My experience as a sailor is about 30 years and I have owned numerous boats the biggest being an Ericson 30+. I sail her about 3 to 4 times a week year round since I am in Ventura, California. The boat came to me in Great...
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    New portlight in Oday 272

    Today I installed a new Bomar portlight in the aft cabin. Wow the difference. Air and light. Best new project.
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    Installed Bimini 272

    Recently I got a quote for a custom bimini which would have cost me 1100. I thought to myself why does it have to be custom? When sailing it would just be to low and definitely would hit my head. So I decided to buy one for 99.00 and install myself. By the way took 15 minutes. Came out nice and...
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    Boat Graphics

    I made this graphic for our Oday 272. The name comes from my wife's surf club. It is Vinyl and is easily applied. The Skull was something I hand drew. The race committee won't miss this one. LOL:eek:
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    Installation of 12v/110 Refrigerator and Microwave.

    I am an owner of a Oday 272. Really love this boat. Spend the weekends on her and sail frequently to the Channel Islands. Santa Cruz, Anacapa and Santa Rosa Islands. Really needed a 12v fridge and looked at other boaters installations. I made the decision to mount mine under the stairs because I...
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    ODAY 272 Spreader Bar

    I purchased a 272 1989 a few months back and really love it. Owned several boats in the Ericson line and this is my first ODAY. After delivering it from another marina I noticed the rigging was loose and needed to be adjusted. I could tell the boat had not been sailed much as it was in a like...