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  1. stickinthemud57

    Re-configuring lifelines on the MacGregor 26S

    For a long time I have disliked the way the lifelines on my 26S have interfered with getting in and out of the cockpit and prevented crewmembers from sitting on the gunwales to help balance the boat. I have toyed with a modification idea and am determined to bring it to fruition while I have the...
  2. stickinthemud57

    Flooding issues with Tohatsu 8 HP 2-stroke

    I have enjoyed using an older Tohatsu 2-cycle 8-horse outboard motor on my Mac 26S that is, until recently. For most of this season (starting in March here in North Texas) the motor has started right up, never needing any choke even when "cold". Lately, I have had trouble starting it and found...
  3. stickinthemud57

    Review of Ruddercraft Airfoil rudder

    I ordered the HDPE airfoil rudder from Ruddercraft through Blue Water Yachts. It took a little over a month for the order to be fulfilled, but no big deal there. As requested, it came un-drilled. Drilling was easy, using the old rudder as a template. The first time I lowered it into the water...
  4. stickinthemud57

    Paint and non-slip flooring

    I decided to give my Hunter 170 a face lift during the off season. I have also posted this in the mods section. Krylon ColorMaxx spray paint and gray teak self-adhesive marine foam mat from Amazon.
  5. stickinthemud57

    Does this boat exist?

    Does this sailboat exist?: 26' or less Keel boat Open transom Tiller (not wheel) The Why's: -26' or less because I don't want to pay for a larger slip, and I really don't feel the need for a larger boat -Keel boat because I want my passengers to not worry about capsizing. Ballast boat? Maybe...
  6. stickinthemud57

    Finally stopped the leaking!

    Since I bought my Hunter 170 ('98 model) at the end of March 2020, I have been plagued by an excessive amount of water finding its way into the hull. On average, I was taking on about a gallon of water for every hour sailed. I tried sealing all the easy spots: rub rail, bilge plug mount, motor...
  7. stickinthemud57

    Hunter 170 jib partial unfurling not working for me. Pointers?

    Having gotten the knack of furling the jib (run downwind with jib in the shadow of the main), I am now trying to partially unfurl the jib for use in higher wind situations. I thought I had it right today on a port tack with just a few feet of the jib unfurled, sailing well, but when I went over...
  8. stickinthemud57

    Trouble with jib roller furling on Hunter 170 (2-part question)

    Part One: I am having trouble furling the jib on my Hunter 170 using roller furling and am looking for some pointers. When setting the furling line, I make a point to wrap it around the inside of the furling barrel twice before passing the line through the tie-off hole on the top. This to...
  9. stickinthemud57

    Deck paint for Hunter 170

    A search revealed a good deal of info and advice regarding bottom paint for the Hunter 170, but I did not see any advice for painting the cockpit. After removing some delaminating fiberglass that a previous owner had applied, I needed to apply paint to the cockpit (floor, seats, gunwales...
  10. stickinthemud57

    Supporting Hunter 170 for centerboard removal

    My '98 Hunter 170 (which I have sailed only in light winds since I bought it about a month ago) is taking on water at about the rate of 1/3 gallon per hour. I have sealed everything I can find close to or below the normal waterline, so I am considering attempting to apply sealant at the seam...
  11. stickinthemud57

    Seemed like a good idea at the time?

    I came to the realization today that one of the previous owners of my Hunter 170 decided to overlay the gunwales and deck with a layer of fiberglass, presumably to cover some cracks that were appearing in those areas. Trouble is, a lot of that is delaminating and is either falling off or needs...
  12. stickinthemud57

    Creating stowable space on Hunter 170

    Returning to sailing after many years in power boats, I picked up a Hunter 170 in fairly good shape. Some delamination at the gunwales and only a few small cracks. My wife likes the high boom mounting, which is a big plus. I have been impressed with the quality of the hardware, and lovelovelove...