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  1. JohnF261

    Wood Gunwales

    Does anybody elese have, or seen, wood gunwales on an SJ21? Mine even had embossed stars on the stern rail. I took them off to refinish separately so they are not shown in the pictures. Not sure if it's teak or mahogany.
  2. JohnF261

    Pop Top?

    I am looking to buy a Catalina 22 and I've seen several I like the difference being some have the pop top and others do not. I think I would like one but don't know if it's worth passing on a boat in better condition without one. Any thought? How much do you use it? I will be mostly daysailing...
  3. JohnF261

    Emergency Tiller

    I was reading an article in Practical Sailor (Nov.08) regarding the elusive emergency tiller. It got me to realize that I don't have one. Do any of the S2's out there have one or has my cockpit design left me helpless in an emergency?
  4. JohnF261

    Dumb question

    What is a macerator?