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  1. Allowishish

    Be cool, bro

    at the dock we have a box fan that we place in the open hatch. Push or pull depending on wind direction. It cools it off enough to sleep at night... most nights it gets turned off. Boom tent on at anchor or in the marina. Sailing, I put the swim ladder down and climb in and hold on.
  2. Allowishish

    Bad storm hit Chatham MA harbor (video)

    It must have been a bad weekend for weather. We had a severe thunderstorm hit our marina in Colorado I went down yesterday to check my boat and all was fine. But plenty of other were a complete mess.
  3. Allowishish

    2/3rds of us will be "under the dome" this weekend. Heat Warning: What's your plan? I was supposed to go down to install a new Bimini... kind of glad I missed this one. Unfortunately now I am awaiting a call back from the marina to see if our boat survived the...
  4. Allowishish

    2/3rds of us will be "under the dome" this weekend. Heat Warning: What's your plan?

    that is dying from a cardiac episode not the cold. poor cardiac health causes those deaths NOT the cold. you need to compare heat stoke/exhaustion VS hypothermia an agreement for dehydration might also be made... either way hydrate and try to stay cool... then if possible try to have fun.
  5. Allowishish

    2/3rds of us will be "under the dome" this weekend. Heat Warning: What's your plan?

    was planning on putting up a new bimini and sailing but 105 on our lake has me thinking some whitewater kayaking is in order instead.
  6. Allowishish

    Wednesday IS photoday!!!

    We could could have used more wind but it is hard to complain.
  7. Allowishish

    The marina wait list

    when we got our boat we had intentions of getting on a wait list at a different marina. however we have found that the one we are at works for us. I agree get on a wait list where you want to be but get in the water somewhere first. you may wind up making friends and not want to move when...
  8. Allowishish

    Ahhh, this sailboat is just right

    our Catalina 27 is a bit to small for us. only in the sleeping aboard part. we have made a bed that converts the salon into a huge bed. I just hate setting it up every night. We sleep aboard every time we go sail. Everything else is great, she is wonderfully easy to sail singlehanded and a...
  9. Allowishish

    Sailboat Beauty Pageant

    I am really surprised that there are not more post on this. Who doesn't like looking at boat porn (pretty boats)
  10. Allowishish

    Sailing schooling

    TeamLeadr03, I am in a similar boat (so to speak), we have a catalina 27 on lake pueblo, I feel that I have learned a lot in the last year and a half of ownership. (last year I sailed over 70 days) my wife and I are booked for a private liveaboard lesson down in the Keys this winter. When I...
  11. Allowishish

    Sailboat Beauty Pageant

    Gozzard 37 I have always told the wife that this would be our "Lotto" boat. I mostly just love the lines and the interior wood work is amazing as well. (no clue how she sails)
  12. Allowishish

    New Anchoring Restrictions in Georgia

    the excellent book, The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea, does a great job of detailing the damage of both farm runoff as well as runoff from residential and commercial lots. it is written very well, I suggest it to anyone concerned about the health of our water ways or just interested in...
  13. Allowishish

    How does this happen?

    Well that’s just saying that only your opinion matters. (Even if factually it is wrong) And I can’t be the 1st person to tell you this, but that simply is not the case. On here...and in life try listening to other’s thoughts and opinions, you may expand your knowledge and learn something...
  14. Allowishish

    Save the Sailors

    there apparently are also regional differences. being in Landlocked Colorado our marina is probably 25-30% house boats. Oh and its a State Park so you are not supposed to truly be a liveaboard. next are the bigger power boats (not trawlers) these are where people sleep then they take out their...
  15. Allowishish

    Save the Sailors

    our marina does not even offer specific services for sailboats. The guy we bought our boat off of was their sailboat "tech" he is gone now and they have not replaced him. everyone relies on help from each other... at least that's what I do. :) if I don't know what im doing, I ask for advice and...
  16. Allowishish

    Flapping leach

    I will look for the leech line. As well as try moving the fair lead forward the next time we are out. Btw, snow on the ride in to work this morning. It sure feels like winter does not want to let go. Hopefully next weekend will be a little nicer weather than this last weekend.
  17. Allowishish

    Flapping leach

    we have had our Catalina 27 for about a year and a half now and have left the sails that were on her in place. She came with a 150 Genoa and a 130... the 150 has been on the roller furling till this weekend. Our spring winds here can be pretty gusty, plus the stitching at the crew of the 150...
  18. Allowishish

    Ready. Set. Whoa!

    we stayed in all winter for our second winter now... that said I spent last weekend working on the boat. Polishing and waxing and doing some wood maintenance. Brought the new puppy with me so she could get used to being on the boat. next weekend we are polishing/waxing the hull (while she...
  19. Allowishish

    Funny things said while sailing

    We were back on the dock one day after being out for a nice sail. Having a drink with the dock family. Earlier while we were out sailing we were paralleling with a slight angle towards one of our dock neighbors in their wakeboarding boat. (They were going slow due to chop and we were flying due...
  20. Allowishish

    Funny things said while sailing

    A motorcycle forum that I participate in (Advrider) has a thread called “stupid questions people ask you while stopped” and something my wife said this weekend made me think a similar thread here might be fun. My lovely wife let drop a couple choose words this last weekend while we were out...