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    Featherstream Folding Prop Repair/Recondition

    Kahlenberg Propellers in Two Rivers, WI 1700 12th Street P.O. Box 358 Two Rivers, WI 54241 (920) 793-4507 Great service for propellers of all sizes - Marilyn
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    8:45PM- Night Train: Gulf of Maine.

    Gorgeous boat - and a great photo from the new docks at Fayette Historic Harbor in Big Bay de Noc!
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    Congrats To SBO

    One of my must read boating sites, and great innovative products. Marilyn
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    Brand new member with an Expo Solar Sailer

    See attached specifications and photo of a red hull under sail. Where is the Expo Solar Sailor located? Does it have the Hoyt Boom? Hull color?
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    The order of things...

    1. Whatever keeps your spouse/significant other happy to go sailing with you, sharing the fun and the good memories.
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    Advice on deck paint

    Two-part is much more durable than the single part deck paint. Our thought was if we were going to do all the prep work, masking, removing some fittings etc., the extra cost of the more durable paint was worth it. Use a little flattener in whichever type of paint you choose. It will knock the...
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    Awl grip painted hull what cleaner can be used on it?

    Our boat has a 20+ year AwlGrip Flag Blue paint job on the port topsides. We use AwlWash and AwlCare. Any difficult to remove stains at the waterline, use 3M FinesseIt II with a very gentle touch. Clean soft Microfiber rags, and rinse well. Keep your fenders or fender covers clean so they do...
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    Battery and Charging System Upgrades

    The least expensive energy improvement is the energy you don't use. I would encourage you to consider all of your energy usage, and opportunities to reduce your energy usage, before embarking on your battery and charging upgrades. e.g., Consider a larger holding plate for your refrigeration...
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    Charting and Plotting

    Always have paper on board, even though they are old - the rocks don't move. The large charts or chartbooks are the best for planning, and helping others plan to see the overall area. Many years from now I will paper the walls near by chair or bed, and recall all the wonderful sailing and...
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    Roller furling twist on hoisting..

    The simplest method, if you are not sure this halyard has twist is to remove it from the mast, drag it behind the boat for an hour or two to allow any twist to work out. Then coil using figure 8s. Sometimes repeated "coiling" from multiple turns on a winch, which are not reversed when the line...
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    General advice on a "wack" sailing idea

    1. Focus on finishing your PhD's - usually the last year or so is very time demanding. You then have the rest of your lives to go sailing or whatever. 2. Gain as much experience sailing and fixing sailboat equipment. Can you both navigate and analyze weather patterns? Sailing skills in...
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    Adler Barbour Cold Machine

    Excellent website by Richard Kollman: Website is [URL=""]
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    Waterproof Step Down Butt Connectors?

    The wire pigtails on various types of equipment, like bilge pumps, does not define the size of wire you need. The size is calculated by the amps and distance from the power source to the device. Your bilge pump label should indicate how many amps it requires. West Marine has a simple chart in...
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    new boat?

    Bristol forums I would suggest posting a note on the Bristol Forums on Yahoo. I believe there is also a Bristol Group on Google. Craig's list in your area may also be helpful. Good luck!
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    Solar Diverter?

    Use the same concept to turn on your refrigerator whenever you have excess (solar) power.