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  1. Terry Cox

    Salish Sea sailing?

    Hi Mike, San Juan Islands likely the furtherest south for me. Not sure about the others.
  2. Terry Cox

    What is the best anchor for a 2006 Hunter 38?

    Hi Rob & Rita, no Rocna experience here. Wrote an article awhile ago about our anchoring system that we have been using for many years. Likely will not change to a different system since the one we have works quite well. Also notice that many of the ships that transit our waters also have a...
  3. Terry Cox

    Salish Sea sailing?

    Mid day, maybe. Likely stay at Eagle Harbor 8/23, then head over to Parks Bay via Wasp Pass.
  4. Terry Cox

    Boat Babe on Strike!

    Long dry spell here. Time for you to come out of hiding and display your wares, eh?
  5. Terry Cox

    Salish Sea sailing?

    Speaking of :worthless:whatever happened to the boat babe? I miss her. In keeping with the spirit of this thread, I plan on being on the water 8/23 heading north then west. Current destination is Parks Bay to rendezvous with Colin Banks on his Pacific Seacraft 34, Wassail. Perhaps others might...
  6. Terry Cox

    H41DS vs.........what?

    Pearson is a good boat, Tim. Were it me, I would look for an early model, fully equipped (Genset, Heat pumps, etc.) P42. We've owned ours since 2002, cruising several thousand miles all over PNW waters, often doing two month long extended cruises. Meets all of your needs, except it is not a Pearson.
  7. Terry Cox

    Keel hull joint

    Why do you ask?
  8. Terry Cox

    Oil Change Frequency

    End of every season with Delo 400. Engine usually has less than 100 hours. Remains mostly clear even when the change is due.
  9. Terry Cox

    Freezer and refrigerator plastic latches

    Our 1991 boat has them throughout and they work and hold up really well. The freezer lid on our boat has two. The female latch broke on one of them, so I replaced it several years ago. Worked for awhile then broke again. Reason was the male/female were misaligned and the male would break the...
  10. Terry Cox

    Salish Sea sailing?

    Been a member for many years. Know many of the old timers. Likely had a good time. Very friendly bunch of nice people. Wished I could have been there.
  11. Terry Cox

    Salish Sea sailing?

    Hunter Bay is supposed to be tops for crab. Likely be after the 22nd before I can get out. Hope to see you out there. House full of kids and grandkids for several days.
  12. Terry Cox

    CNG tank fill or exchange... PNW... Anacortes, Port Townsend???

    Talked to Sure Marine awhile ago telling me they shut the system down last January. He had his own compressor for filling tanks to 2500 PSI, unlike the local fuel stations that fill to 3600 PSI. Process was becoming too expensive, plus the compressor needed a rebuild. He still has it if someone...
  13. Terry Cox

    What Makes a Good Anchorage?

    Deep mud/sand, protection from a long fetch and wind, ample swing room. Fresh oysters a bonus.
  14. Terry Cox

    Westerbeke vs Yanmar

    Our 1991 boat came with a Yanmar four cylinder tractor engine and a three cylinder Kubota tractor engine, both of which were modified for a marine application. Other than routine maintenance, these both start and run flawlessly as long as they have clean fuel filters and sea water strainers.
  15. Terry Cox

    Please help with adapting PEX tubing to Hunter polybutylene plumbing for under sink water filter

    Hmm. That's where we had our water leak when we took possession in 2002. Hot side fitting beneath the sit tub pan failed because it was improperly installed, originally, I think. Missing the SS lock washer and the tube blew out of the fitting. Lovely place to do the repair. One hand show after...
  16. Terry Cox

    Stern Sun Shade

    Rather than use snaps, I switched to the SS twist lock knobs on our cockpit canvas. More secure and easier to work with than the snaps and still lets you move from side to side.
  17. Terry Cox

    Bilge pump issues

    Once in awhile our shower sump pump (same as a bilge pump) will have a running sound but no pumpy outy. When I manually cycle the float switch a couple of times, the pump will begin to discharge the sump contents. Not sure why; maybe an air bubble, loss of prime, etc. Usually happens when I...
  18. Terry Cox

    Clogged Sanitation Hose

    The plastic fitting on the toilet base includes the barb for the discharge hose inside of which contains the small joker valve. Original design, it appears to me. Doubt the PO could have installed the wrong fitting. I'll take a picture of it the next time to the boat.
  19. Terry Cox

    Big Day Tomorrow

    Sheesh, Tom. And where is she now?