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    teak floor

    I have a 2004 C387 has composite flooring and the Catalina factory in Largo FL made me replacement section when I damaged one. Is your floor real "teak"? Bill
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    What is this knob for?

    I have a 2004 C387... does not have that "knob".. look behind it, there must be wires... did you ever find out what is was??
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    Topping lift quick disconnect.

    I trailer sailed a H23 for several years. Just stick it the cabin, plenty of slack in topping lift. You might want to consider riging up a "Gen Pole" to make putting the mast up and down easier. Bill
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    On the Catalina Owners website... Boat Info ... 320... Specfications. Bill
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    need help finding a trailer

    Are you expecting to winch this 30' boat up on a trailer? Won't you need a travel lift and a semi flat bed? bill
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    Advice- Moving Astern

    My slip is in the same general location as yours. I motor past my slip on the opposite side of my slip, then turn to starboard to turn the boat around coming up on my slip slowly. Just before the slip I turn the boat to starboard and shift into reverse, letting the port prop walk take the stern...
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    Shore power 3 stage chargers and AGM's

    Maine Sail, thanks for the additional info. My "electronics installer" worked at WM parttime so... he charged me his price so... I got a pretty good deal. No. the C387 batteries are not in the engine compartment, but they are under the floor right in front of the engine compartment and it...
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    Shore power 3 stage chargers and AGM's

    Well Chuck, it is nice to see that the AGM's that I installed in 2004 have served so well. Since the H31 batteries are inside the engine compartment, I did not want to use wet cells due to the engine heat. I put WM AGM's in my C387 last year, love them! BTW the "starting AGM battery" was not a...
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    jack lines

    Jacklines...Would not go out at night or off shore without them! Bill
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    Through-bolting dilemma in Catalina 310

    Call "Warren" at the Catalina factory in Largo, Florida. I am sure he can help, has answered many of my questions about how my Catalina was made and put together. bill
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    Which boat is a better boat

    The below link is detaiiled research by an owner. Bill
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    Just rejected for sailboat insurance!

    State Farm insured by boats for the last 10 years when they were < 30' and < $100,000. My C387 was rejected by State Farm and Sea Tow, due to length and value. I did the Boat US application on line, accepted and the rate was reasonable. Bill
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    Cat 30 Cockpit Cushions

    I purchased C Cushions for my last boat....great! Solid form does not absorb water. I you have some made with sunbrella with "open cell foam" they will absorb water. Bill
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    Engine Overheating

    When I had a H31 1987 with a Yanmar 2GM, I replaced the mixing elbow when it was overheating. Later when it started to over heat again I removed the heat exchanger water inlet hose and fitting (which was a 90 deg elbow), inserted a flat screw driver into the mixing elbow, broke up the carbon...
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    Tankette to Eliminate Head Odors?

    I should have mentioned that I have already made the "T'ed fresh water" flush from the sink drain on my boat, and I am pleased with the results. I have a friend that has not made that improvment and was considering the Tankette, to eliminate the initial odor when first using the head after the...
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    Tankette to Eliminate Head Odors?

    Peggy, what are your thoughts on using the "Tankette" to eliminate head odors? Bill
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    Alcohol everywhere.

    Buy one quart cans from Lowe's. Easy to pour and they store under the H31 sink neatly. Bill
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    Boat speed under motor

    Good info here: Bill
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    Docking stern to with dinghy on davits

    Does your boat have to fit all the way in the 40' of the slip? Do not back all the way in. Leave space behind the boat to leave the Dink on the davits. That is what is done at my marina. The bow of my boat extends out of the slip about 4' dependiing on the tide. Others that are bow in let the...
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    Advice on how to straighten a 23' mast ( pic included )

    Re: Advice on how to straighten a 23' mast ( pic included Take the mast to a large machine shop with a large "press". The pressure will controlled much better, they can do a little at a time and you can watch the results, to determine just when enough is enough. Bill