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    Production Boats / Circumnavigaton DISCUSSION

    there is a very big difference in a catalina 27 and a contessa 26,the contessa has a full keel.the catalina is completely not at all a blue water boat.the catalina 27s that made long voyages were beefed in the process of beefing mine up now, and i am realizing that to attempt a long...
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    box wines give me heart burn.for an inexpensive but good tasting wine,sutter home chardonnay,robert mondavi chardonnay and pinot grigio,redwood creek chardonnay,and for a more woodsy taste beringer stonecellars.when i want a red wine usually buy ck mondavi merlot.all of theses wines can be found...
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    Leaking Oberdorfer Pump

    no ground strap on my a-4,no leaks or corrosion near weephole
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    Catalina 30 Aluminum window frames

    grinding,polishing they can be polished to shine like new,use a fine stainless steel wire wheel on a 4 in grinder,i did mine and they look great.mine were pitted and had that white corrosion though.if u look really close u can see its kinda sanded rough,i thought of polishing it finer,but...
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    one part paint onto 2 part epoxy?

    my time window will be up on using the 1 part,but i went looking around today and found 2 part epoxy white for 51 a gal.yea thats cheap,its a local store,blp mobile paint,their getting it at contractor price.
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    one part paint onto 2 part epoxy?

    cool thanks
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    one part paint onto 2 part epoxy?

    hello everyone.i am trying to use up some old paint.i put 1 coat of 2 part interlux epoxy onto cockpit floor,im out of it.can i use 1 part interlux for my 2nd coat?
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    Help ID this boat, please...

    dont buy it,like everyone else has said,buy the time u buy all the missing stuff and a gallon of paint,u could have bought a 25 or 30 ft boat with nonthing is the perfect time to buy boats cheap because people can no longer afford to pay slip fee for project boats.i gave away a cal...
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    Atomic 4 in Oday 27

    not too hard to do. i had an s 28 a long time ago that had a a 4,and my cat 27 i have now does.i didnt take it out of the s 28,but did my cat.use the winches,both and run a rope under the moter,pull with both,engine will lift,slide it onto sole.then tie it again and winch it up through...
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    Atomic 4 Owners

    i agree with ross there must be water intrusion
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    Atomic 4 Owners

    what kind of fuel pump
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    Atomic 4 Owners

    they are really great engines,i love mine no problems with my fuel pump its gas has been there for 6 months runs great.but be aware that unlike a diesel,if gas leaks into bilge from stuck floats in carb,then gets shook up.there is danger.but good thing is u can smell it easily.
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    Atomic 4 Owners

    a 4 owner i have an atomic 4 in my cat 27.the water jackets can be cleaned fairly easily.there is a water jacket side plate under alternater.the problem is that those 8 quarter in bolts will break off in block if they are rusted bad.i broke 7 off in mine.if they do there is a kit on moyer...
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    circumnavigation sponsors?

    there goes that idea
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    circumnavigation sponsors?

    in reading up on boats which are or who have circumnavigated,seems most have many does one go about getting a sponser?
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    thanks everyone for all the info,i may end up with another blue water boat before i attempt to circumnavigate.for now i cant afford it.i have already put backing plates on most of rigging.i may build a watertight bulkhead where existing forward bulkhead going to put a solid shaft in the...
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    its been done in some small boats,including a catalina i wish i had ur boat for the trip though.
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    is anyone on this sit considering it?done it?its my life long dream.i may attemt it in my catalina 27.i had a 33 tahiti ketch that would would have been perfect,but lost it in a like to hear what u all have to sey
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    anyone planning a trip?

    hey everyone just wondering if anyone is planning any fantastic voyages,like to hear about it.i wont be ready for any sailing for 3 to 6 months:cry:
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    rusted keel bolts

    woodster,i live in coden near fowl river,my boat is at delta port marina