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  1. SawyerCurt

    Stopping Leaks with the Magic of Butyl Tape

    I love Butyl Tape! I had to re-bed a leaky chain plate and I've not had any leaks in the 3 years since I did it.
  2. SawyerCurt

    C310 IA Web Page link to the Forum is Broken

    Before someone else points it out to me, I do know that the link to this forum from the C310IA web site is now broken with the change-over to the new forums. I'll get it fixed, it is just a bit of a hassle to change anything on the Association web page because I don't have direct access to the...
  3. SawyerCurt

    USB at the Helm

    When I had the original VHF replaced with an AIS-Receive GPS-built-in VHF, it required a new Remote Mic cable from the Nav station to the helm. At the same time as I was having that installed, I asked the guy to also install a two-port USB charger for the exact same reason you are asking - I...
  4. SawyerCurt

    Our 2003 C310!

    I thought it stood for “friendly”. ;-)
  5. SawyerCurt

    Our 2003 C310!

    I have found that my flap is only about 50% effective - the force of the water seems to open and close it so I get a pulsating fountain when I pull the speedo, at least until I can get the plug in place.
  6. SawyerCurt

    Our 2003 C310!

    I have room for about a quarter turn before I have to reposition them. They are 2", which is what fits mine well (hull #48). Not sure if there were different sizes at different times.
  7. SawyerCurt

    Our 2003 C310!

    I may be at the point where I need to replace the packing. Last season I had a drip every 30 seconds or so at rest but I just launched and I am having a drip every 10-15 seconds at rest. Last year I did purchase two wrenches specifically for adjusting the gland nut...
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  9. SawyerCurt

    Our 2003 C310!

    Things like iPads and iPhones can go into a night mode where the blue light is lessened. Not sure about built-in touch screens. My Navionics app doesn't seem to have a separate night-mode, which is odd because Waze and other car navigation apps certainly do.
  10. SawyerCurt

    C310 / C315 IA Membership and Web Page Updates

    Thank you! Next action, filing the Association’s taxes!
  11. SawyerCurt

    Our 2003 C310!

    I see you have the green "power on" light for the DC panel...I also had to replace that when I bought hull #48 five or so years ago...
  12. SawyerCurt

    C310 / C315 IA Membership and Web Page Updates

    The membership list has been updated on the Association web site, and I also fixed several broken links across several of the pages.
  13. SawyerCurt

    Accessing forward throughbolts for stanchion rebedding

    While I didn't rebed the forward stanchions, I did mange to successfully rebed a chainplate on my C310:
  14. SawyerCurt

    Catalina 310 Mattress Replacement

    Originally I was just using King Sheets from Target for both berths, but they were cheap and my wife and kids hated them and never wanted to sleep on the boat because of the poor quality. So I bit the bullet and ordered them from Catalina. They were quite expensive, but the family loves them...
  15. SawyerCurt

    Technical Data

    Are those PDF files open or password protected? I know the most recent editions are password protected. You can download, but you can’t open without the password.
  16. SawyerCurt

    Technical Data

    I have not posted anything recent (actually haven't posted anything since taking over as Sec/Tres) because I have this vague memory of the previous office holder telling me that the Mainsheet folks didn't want us posting for free Mainsheet copyrighted material that people's association dues pay...
  17. SawyerCurt

    Our 2003 C310!

    Hull Number 211 used to belong to the former Secretary / Treasurer of the C310 IA (my predecessor), Mark Zabawa. When he sold Too Impulsive and purchased a Hunter back in 2014 he left his position (and the organization).
  18. SawyerCurt

    Our 2003 C310!

    I'm sure you've already seen other photos, but here are the photos from the previous owner when they listed "Jacqueline" for sale showing the stove and the larger table... 10003920_10152058444073992_320766486_n by SawyerCurt posted Mar 8, 2019 at 7:43 AM 1975185_10152058442968992_19428529_n by...
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