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    Used Sails

    Any luck buying a used genoa? I have been looking at a couple on Bacon Sails website.
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    Prevent Dinghy Motor theft

    How do you folks keep your outboards from being stolen? Any way to lock it to the boat?
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    Termite Prevention

    So I have been reading how bad termites are in South Florida and now I am worried about termites. Anyone know a good way to prevent them? Thanks.
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    Hypalon eroded am I screwed?

    So I thought I was getting a good on craigs list on this ab inflatable, seller said it had a leak but I did not inspect as well as I should have. Looks like it is down to the fabric in some spots. Your thoughts?
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    Florida Folk's Registration Question

    Purchased a boat in Florida, I am in Texas, did the title change, registration, etc. through the mail. Today the paperwork came back in the mail, and the registration sticker expires at the end of April, is not good for a year in Florida?
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    remote monitoring

    Anyone use a remote monitoring system to check on your boat? Shore power, battery, bilge, etc?
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    GAM Split Lead

    Anyone ever build one? Buddy of mine is going to build one for me.
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    Tow Boat US

    What plans do y'all recommend?
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    20 meter double bazooka

    Have a radio wavz double bazooka laying around, thinking of putting on my sail boat with one of my icom's and an AH-4. Any thoughts on antenna placement?
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    Any Ham Radio Operators out here?

    Tell me about your set up and antenna placement on the boat.
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    Bought A Salvage

    Anyone here ever buy a salvaged sailboat? I wired the $$ today on a Bristol 40, freshwater intrusion from shore power being off and bilge not functioning. 4-5" in the boat. Engine supposedly runs fine, I have not seen it in person yet. Mechanic is going tomorrow to give it a once over. Plan...
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    Any Bristol 40 owners?

    Any Bristol 40 owners out here? Signing the paperwork on one tomorrow.
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    Newbie with a sail question

    New to sailing, new boat owner, Bristol 40. Needs a genoa. How do I go about finding the right one? Has a rolling furler.
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    Mast Heighth

    Anyone one here know the mast height for a 1978 c & c 26"?
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    Estimate to repair?

    Any ideas what this would cost to repair?
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    Worth repairing?

    1978 Pearson 28' Needs more work but I bet I can get the price down. Looks like the boom is down and I would probably want to replace motor. If mods can move to the Pearson section that would be great.
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    Why does Hunter have a bad name?

    New to sailboats and seems everyone says to stay away from Hunter.