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    1981 H27 Salon Table

    On my 4th year of refitting my Cherubini H27 and have never had a salon table. It was missing when I bought the boat. The only thing there is the block of teak on the bulkhead that the table attaches to. Looking for plans, pictures and ideas. I'm actually thinking of making it from King...
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    Yanmar 1GM Starter

    Dealing with a bad starter on a Yanmar 1GM I find OEM starter for almost $400 or new generic replacement starter on Ebay for $85 with free shipping. Is the generic a bad idea?
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    1981 Hunter 27 Wiring Diagram

    I've searched the web with no luck. I just bought a 27 that sat for 4 years with 16" of water in it and the breaker panel is a ball of corrosion. Can't figure size or part numbers for the parts on the panel. Putting the panel right above the floor is a stroke of genius (NOT). If I can get the...