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    Sea Lion grabs young girl

    Did anyone mention that there are signs up and down the Steveston (Richmond) docks advising that feeding any marine life is illegal and dangerous? Those signs were there back 30 years ago when I lived there as well. Turns out the little girl has a rare infection in a finger now caused by the...
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    G26 rudder repair while in water?

    Don't even think of trying to remove the rudder if you are not on the hard. The G-26 rudder weighs about 60 lbs. Removing it and then getting it back into the rudder shaft (bronze tube encapsulated in fibreglass), is hard enough when out of the water. I doubt you really need to redo "rudder...
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    Video of Yacht building history Oakville Ontario

    Yes - your G-26 was built on Woody Road in Oakville Almost one thousand of the Grampian G-26 sailboats boats were built there.
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    G26 Restoration Starting - looking for advice

    The best advice I can give is for you to go to the website. There you will find all the information you need about your projects. You can also track down sources of supply for original Grampian parts. Your hull number indicates that your G-26 was built in 1972 in...
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    ??? O'Day 25 ???

    Grampian connection to O'Day. You may find this interesting (taken from the history section from the Grampian Owners Marina website) -
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    Gas Locker Vent

    Go to the Store section on this site, go to vents, go to louvered vents - there ya go.
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    Furler Trouble

    Roger - I don't think you have mentioned the make of your furler. That will make quite a bit of difference in the proper set up. For instance - if it's a CDI - do not lubricate it (except with a teflon spray). Never use any oils etc.
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    C & C 24 - stability?

    G-23 in your area. Here's a link to a G-23 for sale in your general area -
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    Grampian 23 or 23 - stability?

    Never heard of a Grampian 24 Here is a site where you can do your own stability search - C&C24 versus G-23.
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    restoring the luster

    Lazy man's way to maintain 39 year old sailboat These pictures say it best for me. Follow the Poli Glow instructions (especially the cleaning and annual maintenance part) and you will have success.
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    Fix For Crazed Windows?

    We have used 303 Protectant for years to keep our portlights clear. It also does wonders for your bimini & dodger vinyl windows.
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    Lake Ontario 300 Miles race is on this weekend

    Sorry, let me correct you Twenty-one years ago the Lake Ontario Single Handed Racing Society formed the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge as the ultimate long distance race for double handed sailors. Three Hundred Nautical Miles, non-stop from one end of Lake Ontario to the other and returning...
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    Potty for 1981 Mac 25

    465 MSD seems to be easy on the batteries. Installed a new 465 MSD in May of 2010. Put in new AA batteries per specs. Ran all summer and had two pump outs (about 125 flushes with the electric pump). Boat went on the hard in October so I removed the batteries from the battery compartment, put...
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    Sailboat Capsizes In San Diego

    Here's a link to the Owner's Manual Link -
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    Online VHF course, etc.

    Go to the Canadian Power Squadron for information A simple google search will give you this link for your required VHF Restricted Operators Certificate (maritime) -|K=224450|RefreshT=224450|RefreshS=Container|RefreshD=|A=Body This is mandatory for...
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    Electrically Isolated Prop

    Great - glad to hear that. There have been a few references over the past number of months that were misleading then. As we all well know, there is no room for such nonsense on a sailboat. Just shows how old fashioned I am when I think of what a hookah pipe is for eh?
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    Electrically Isolated Prop

    Hermit - do you have to make comments about drug use etc. on this site? You have done this more than once on this site, and it is not very impressive IMHO.
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    Roller Furling

    I looked at Alado this past spring but went CDI instead. I didn't want the halyards exposed and banging when racing like they are on the Alado. After much research, I figured the CDI would be easier for do-it-yourself installation (took one afternoon only, and works like a charm). I also...
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    Travelling advice

    Hey G - you're referring to Wilson or Olcott??? (nm)
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    To paint or Not to Paint

    You're welcome! (nm)