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    Newport 30, exposed keelbolts?

    Looking at a 1986 Newport 30 mk3. In pretty good condition. Except I noticed some brown water in the bilge, and the keelbolts were exposed, and the nuts looked rusty (I'll try to link photos). From what I read the keelbolts in this model should be encapsulated in fiberglass. So why would they be...
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    Thoughts on Seafarer 30?

    Found a nice looking S30 for sale in my area (chesapeake bay). A 1984, for $14k. Looks reasonably clean. Any thoughts on this model? Sailing characteristics? Esp for light wind.. "livability" for coastal crusing? Anything to look for if I go check it out? thanks
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    Cat 34 for near-coastal/short offshore trips? vs Ericson

    I'm still a few years away from upgrade-time, but can't help looking.. As kids get older I really like the look and layout of the catalina 34 (mk1), seems pretty perfect for our needs. I like the aft head, the separate cabin with 2x kids (ages probably 5-11+ during our ownership). Big galley...
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    trouble registering at

    Anyone else tried to register at The Starting Point on Ericson Yachts! forum and get an error message? "admin has disabled registration". Is something going on with the site (short- or longterm..)? It's especially annoying since I can't read posts even without registering...
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    Quality cooler with "sliding" lid?

    My boat has a special cooler arrangement. Think I've seen it in some other boats but sure how common it is, so not sure if many others have had this issue. The cooler is in the lazarette so can be accessed from the cockpit, but from the cabin you can also slide off the lid and (sort of) access...
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    How are Sabres higher quality?

    I'm not a Sabre owner, but I really like the look of them so hope to one day be:) Have trailer sailor now, but as my family grows I'll likely be looking to upgrade, so of course I'm already looking at 30-34 ft boats. I always read that Sabres are "higher quality/better built" that e.g. a...
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    New boat, help setting up mainsheet

    These are guarantied to be stupid questions, but I'm a 1st time sailboat owner with no IRL people to ask.. I believe I figured it out, but wanted to see if I'm making some mistakes in how I set up the mainsheet on my recently acquired boat. I got it on the water, but not been able to raise the...
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    Solar vent location

    I want to install a solar fan/vent in my seaward 23. What's the best location? Cabin is small so airflow considerations shouldn't matter all that much. Forward hatch is common, but (a) hatch is small so don't want to take it up with a big fan, and (b) i've seen some mentions that these fans...
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    Rudder chip repair?

    Any input on the best way to repair this loose piece damage on the rudder (seaward 23)? By the waterline where 1 of the 3 bolts attach. The piece on the left is loose enough to wiggle slightly. PO tried...something? Looks like gluing it on was the intent. I assume best is cut it off and redo...
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    Opinions on this Seaward 23?

    I'll be going to check out this boat soon. Would be my first boat on my own (as my parents always had them.) I've looked at a handful of boats so far, most in dilapidated condition (leaks, rot). Does anyone here have long-distance opinions of how this looks...
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    Where to keep dinghy on trailer sailor?

    As title says; where do you keep a dinghy/tender on a small (20-24 ft) boat? Towing seems like will slow you down too much. On deck? Is there even space? Inflatable stuffed somewhere? Do you carry an outboard for it, stored on the rail? Or do you not have one at all, and for example beach the...