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    Dumb and dummer trying to win Darwin award. Brave sherrif and harbour pilot save these girls life. PORT CANAVERAL
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    Shim the prop-shaft flange by 1/8"

    Hi folks, I need an extra 1/8" between the propeller hub and the cutlass bearing face in order to put in a rope cutter disk. I need a gap of 1/4" for water to cool the cutlass bearing. Without replacing the shaft, I wish to put a shim disk between the shaft flange and the tranny. I'll have a...
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    After market Volvo Penta parts?

    Got a shock today. I went to Bristol to get Volvo oil filter for 2002, price is up to $25 each and the water impeller is $65.50 that's before tax. Does someone know of a site that sells after market parts for Volvo Penta 2002? I found out that you can substitute the oil filter with Fram PH3614...
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    Powerboater !!

    They comes in all sizes.
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    Long term test on Jabsco head flapper valve

    In 2007, I replaced the flapper valve with a home built part. I use a piece of roof flashing rubber to copy a new flapper and transfer the weights to it. It's been in use for 9 years. I pull it yesterday due to overhaul of the head and found it was as good as new. The joker valve and bottom...
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    Extending Asym Spinnaker

    I have a Asym that is about 3 feet too short. Has anyone got a sailmaker to extend it by adding a panel? Is it cost effective consider the Asym is not cheap?
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    WiFi range extended

    I solved a WiFi range problem un-intended: Playing with a micro router from TP-Link I configured it as a Bridge mode. It can be powered by a small battery stick for cell phone. You can also do it as repeater but I can't tell the difference. Hoist it up the mast and was able to pick up great...
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    Just exactly what these people are sailing out there, putting CG in danger. There storm has been around for days and this is deep of winter. Kind of hard not to know.
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    An air cleaner you can make cheaply

    Bored with the winter, so in November I made a charcoal air filter for the cabin. Been running it for 4 months 7/24 in the bathroom at home for endurance test. The bathroom smells a little fresher and less dust settled on the mirrow. Can't wait to put it in the boat. Silenx is a new type of...
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    New home built woody Wait until he need to re-varnish the top side !!
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    Cutless bearing removal with drive shaft in

    The cutless bearing was replaced due to excessive play and vibration. A bearing press was manufactured to get the job done. There is no need to remove the drive shaft. Remove the set screws from the strut. There should be 2 setscrews inside each hole. Soak the contact point between the bearing...
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    Polycarbonate diesel day tank

    I like to copy Roger Long's day tank / fuel polish idea. However, I am thinking of using polycarbonate as a see through day tank. I believe the see through fuel bowl on a Racore filter is polycarbonate. So I don't think it is an issue. Does anybody know if there is any restriction, ABYC...
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    For you sailing junkies out there Next time I go on the Ontario 300 race, I'll do some video !!
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    Close call when engine quit

    Went out on Saturday for a sail and overnight stay over with family. As we left the harbor, the Volvo 2002 Raw water cooled diesel start loosing power. That's strange because I maintain the engine meticulously every year. Oil, Filter and impeller changes, winterize and all. We've done over 100...
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    3M Scotchgard™

    Has anyone use 3M Scotchgard™ film on a hatch lens. It is a Paint protection film which is a transparent polyurethane film that adheres to the painted surface of vulnerable areas on cars. I am replacing the acrylic lens on my Lewmar hatches. Acrylic craze due to UV exposure. I am using...
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    Tragic boat sinking on 4th of July 30 people on a 34 ft boat doesn't sound right. Sorry for the 3 kids that lost their live.
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    Canada Day weekend cruise

    Crossing Lake Ontario from Toronto to Port Dalhousie. Sustained this speed for over 3+ hours! What a trip.
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    Groco water strainer turns white

    I have a Groco poly water strainer in the engine intake. This year, it just turned totally white inside. The mechanical strength doesn't seems to be affected. It's in fresh lake water only. The only thing I can think off is annual anti freeze for the winter. But this unit has been few years old...
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    My CS30 under spinnaker

    Sorry CS is not on the boat type list. Someone took this picture of our boat.
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    Airmar PB150 weatherstation

    Has anyone use an AIRMAR PB150 with a Raymarine ST60 Plus wind display? Here's the link to Airmar There is no moving part to break or foul by spider / bird I know you can use a PC but I don't like PC in the...