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    Factory fresh water and holding tank sensors

    My sensors stopped working couple years ago. Bought new sensors for guy to install. New sensors have plus and negative wires from sensor panel to hook up to boat electrical panel. Guy cut old sensor wire bundle and pulled old sensor panel. Old sensor did not have wires to electrical panel...
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    Engine temp gauge

    Any suggestions where can get eng temp replacement gauge to match existing on C310 panel? Mine fog up so can't read. At first thought condensation but don't think so. Clyde Thorington C310 #245 I LEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Up the mast with spinnaker halyard?

    Furler drum stuck at head of sail and have friend to go up mast to check. Have used main halyard in past but wonder if spinnaker block strong enough to go up front of mast? Halyards same size. Want to be sure angle ok coming out of mast to drum. Worked ok last year but idle for six months...
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    5411 head

    Friend of mine had overheat eng 80 miles off coast of Florida at night. Had interesting story about getting back to his marina. Net result cracked head. He looked found China had for $ 300.00 got email back no 5411 heads in China. Has been looking here no luck so far. Any one know where he...
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    SA/Displacement C310

    It appears most comparison between different boat specifications include Sail area/displacement figures. Published specs of C310 don't include that figure. Has anyone computed it? Just wondering. Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 I LEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Valve adjustment our M25 XPB engines

    Owner's manual reads "adjust valves 500 hours. I just hit first 500 hours. Friend of mine has Kabuta tractor and he said dealer told him don't need to adjust valves unless not really running right? Should we adjust at 500 for preventative maintenance? Appreciate any thoughts. Clyde...
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    Alternator belt tension

    Is 1/2" acceptable amount ie., press down on belt at longest point and if depress 1/2" ok for tightness? My son in law thought too loose. Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 I LEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Blister history of Catalina 310

    Last hauled my 2003 Catalina C310 four years ago had just three or four small blisters. Wonder about your boats regarding age and blister history. Don't think would be worth it to haul just to see if had a bunch now. Am in fresh water. Idle question while locked down. Clyde Thorington C310...
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    Tranny lever adventure

    Procedure before leaving dock and still tied eng warmed push tranny lever fwd, back to neutral, reverse, then back to neutral to ensure all well before leaving. Last weekend out for sail then returning up fairway in 25 kts to my cross wind cross tide slip Slowed shift to neutral start turning...
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    Fuel pump/lift pump failure

    Question is how long do our lift pumps last? Went back four years in archives and very few comments on this problem. One reply said replaced 6 o 7 in 4000 hours. When failure happens does pump just stop or will attempt to supply fuel at various pressures? Have been changing fuel filters each...
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    No power AC cabin electric outlets

    Last week up at boat ( 100 miles away) in hurry to get back and beat traffic someone put small reading light next to port outlet and turned switch to be sure light work. No power. Quick and dirty check no power port and stb circuits. Breakers all on at AC panel. AC switch on under cockpit...
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    Antifreeze air lock?

    On my Catalina 30 with M25 engine when drain and replace antifreeze sometimes would have air lock blocking circulation with result overheat. Solution would be to slightly open "knob on thermostat and " burp" eng. Idle to full throttle then back to idle two three times. Will drain and replace...
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    Yahoo deleting our archives?

    Did anyone else get email from Yahoo that were restricting our forum and if want to save past info had to let them know so they would down load to our email address? Had to do by December q14th? Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 ILEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Holding tank and water tank under V berth sending units

    My gauges don't work on level of liquid in holding tank and water tank. Has anyone replaced "sending" units on tanks using existing wiring? Searched archives several years back but no info. Clyde Thorington C310 #245 ILEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Head faucet drip

    Have small slow drip from faucet in head with switch off at panel. At home usually replace internal washer. Before I get involved any surprises I should know about? Thanks for any replies. Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 I LEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Tack setting 110 jenny

    To prevent halyard wrap my 110 tack is about 10 inches above bow rail. Great vision but think it should be lower. Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 I LEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Best diesel fuel additive?

    Any suggestions between Biobar JF and Bioguard Plus 6? Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 ILEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Lubrication thru hulls

    Any suggestions what product to lubricate thru hulls? Friend heading out the Gate and down South for three months. Since can't discharge in San Francisco Bay hasn't used head in long time so direct discharge thru hull (and others) needs lubrication. Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 I LEAN TOO San...
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    New charger suggestions - three stage

    Anyone have suggestions on new batter charger - three stage? Light usage dockside plug in, no refer draw, overnight cabin lights, 4 D batteries? Appreciate any thoughts. Clyde Thorington C310 # 245 ILEAN TOO San Jose, CA
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    Battery float charge question

    Bought two new 4 D Duracell batteries. New 20 amp 3 stage Zantrax charger. Yard installed including remote. Remote part number correct for this charger. Am getting 14.3 and 13.6 volts. Zantrax (spelling) said 13.6 correct float voltage. I always thought 12.6 good "ready" float voltage...