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    The 260 is home!

    We will organize and polish it in the driveway before bringing it down to the marina, drydocked while awaiting a slip.
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    Ottawa area sailor feel like offering a lesson

    I posted for some input on our first outing here: Rookies first outing, hunter 260 Might as well ask, is anyone in the Ottawa area looking for a few hours of sailing with 2 rookies? Hunter 260 experience would be great! We only know enough to know we don't know enough. Thanks in advance.
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    Rookies first outing, hunter 260

    Our Hunter 260 will arrive early next week and we plan on spending a few days learning the mast raising/lowering in the driveway prior to our first attempt at sailing. We have ZERO sailing experience. We aren't absolute morons, which is arguable, and believe we can figure things out. We live...
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    Looking for 260 in Canada

    Might one of you fine Canadian sailors be looking to part with a hunter 260, wheel preferred. My dream awaits! Thanks Victor