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    looking for parts venture 17

    looking for parts for 1974 venture 17, sliding hatch,lifeline stanchions,handrails,stern railing,cushions,any condition
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    venture 17 cockpit drain

    venture 17 cockpit where keel cable goes is pushed up a little so all the water won't drain out,any good way to fix,maybe build the floor up around the drain with epoxy
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    bimini top

    has anyone put a bimini top on a venture 17 if so what size and where did you purchase it
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    boat sits high on trailer

    tried launching macgregor venture 17,it sits on original trailer,couldn't get it to float off trailer bunks,sits a little bit too high. should i get a trailer tongue extension or try something else anyone else had this problem
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    outboard motor

    have a chance to get a new 6 hp mercury outboard short shaft at a reduced price, hoping i can use it on a macgregor venture 17 even if i have to do a little adjusting on the transom mount, anyone used a short shaft on a venture 17?
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    bimini top

    would like to hear from someone that has put a bimini top on a venture 17, size and make of top would be nice
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    interior design venture 17

    looking for ideas for my macgregor venture 17 to make it somewhat comfortable for weekend sailing for lakes and coastal cruising photos would be nice
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    venture 17 sail

    need a venture 17 main sail
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    venture 17 sail

    need a venture 17 main sail
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    outboard motor shaft length

    have a 1974 macgregor venture 17 would a long or short shaft 5 hp outboard be best,it has an outboard bracket on the boat
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    have old dacron sail with numbers sewn onto sail,numbers are stiff and cracked,going to remove thread to get numbers off,but when the thread is removed it leaves holes where the thread was,should i do something to cover the holes?
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    transducer location

    where would the best place to install a transducer be on a mac venture 17 swing keel
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    venture 17 trailer wheels

    got a 1974 venture 17,has original trail rite trailer,did not have wheels on it,what size wheels and tires would be best to use on the trailer? or which size were originally used, 4.5x5 lug,did they use 13,14,or 15 inch
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    companionway hatch

    need a top sliding companionway hatch for a 1974 venture 17,any condition
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    sliding companionway hatch

    looking for a sliding companionway hatch for a 1974 macgregor venture 17,any condition
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    bow light

    bought a macgregor venture 17,why does it have a blue and white bow light?is it just for show?
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    restoring windows

    need some information about restoring aluminum frame windows on 1974 macgregor venture 17. frames are in good condition, what would be the best way to seal the plexiglass in the frame, don't know if there are rubber gaskets that will fit the frames.
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    sliding hatch

    looking for a macgregor venture 17 top sliding companionway hatch or something to replace it with.maybe make one out of wood as a last resort.any ideas would be nice.
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    restoring windows

    restoring windows on 74 venture 17,was thinking of cutting plexiglass larger to fit in aluminum frame then using silicone to hold them in,original rubber gaskets were rotted.has anyone restored these windows before?
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    restoring a 1974 venture 17,I don't live near the water,can I do the renaming ceremony in my backyard?