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    1980 McGruer Sirius 21 Pop Top/Roof Latch Hardware

    Can anyone help us? We are looking for the stainless steel wing nut type securing latch that secures the pop top down in the closed position. This is the same type of latch that secures the roof hatch in the closed position. . The hinged latch itself secures to the underside of the pop top...
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    Cockpit drain valve and replacement sheets for main and jib

    Can anyone help us? We just bought a 1980 Sirius 21 and have a few questions. 1. Where(or for that matter is there) is the valve to close the scupper cockpit drain? It would seem to me that there would have to be some sort of a shut off valve or we’re going to sink very rapidly as soon as we...
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    New Sirius owner

    Hello all my wife and I are new to this forum. We just recently purchased a Sirius 21. Does anybody know where we can get access to an owners manual for this model and also any further information about the vessel would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance Kevin and Karen