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    272 transducer problem

    Hi all. Our transducer is not working. It flashes 18.8 continuously. Just had the bottom scraped. The diver said it had been painted, but he cleaned as much paint off as he could. Is it possible to buy a replacement that can go into the original location? Thanks, Jesse
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    Motor Bracket

    Hi All, Jean and I bought 1986 O'Day272 with a new 9.9 Yamaha outboard. The motor works fine, but raising it out of the water is really difficult. In fact I can't do it and a 55 year old sailor who transports boats for a living couldn't do it either. Needless to say, that motor bracket will be...
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    Gas storage

    Hey all, We have a 272. It has a 6 gallon gas tank. Thinking it might be prudent to get a 5 gallon gas can on board. Anyone doing this and if so, where do you keep it? I was thinking maybe in the anchor storage area. We have seen Anchor hangers that would free up space in the anchor locker...
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    1986 Oday 272 Nav lights

    Jean and I were on our boat this weekend at the sellers slip. The dock power is not functional, so the seller provided a generator for lights and a fan. We turned on the nav lights, with the generator running and they worked. However the top of the mast light didn't work. The seller said that...
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    272 owners: what weight and style of anchor do you have?

    Hey all! Our 1986 272's anchor is stored in the anchor locker. It looks like 5/16 galvanized chain. It does not have a bow roller. In your opinion, how important is it to have a bow roller? We didn't set anchor, so I didn't experience what it will be like hauling the anchor and chain in and out...
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    272 speed under power

    Hi all, Our 1986 O'day 272 has a brand new 9.9 Yamaha installed. I saw the bill of sale. The speedometer doesn't work, which for Jean and me doesn't affect our decision on the purchase. However, the boat is in Charleston SC and we need to get it to Wilmington NC. We think it's about 140 miles...
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    New 1986 272 owner/novice sailor

    Hi All, I am looking forward to learning from experienced folks. I am sure to ask many questions. Thanks in advance!!!