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    bilge water oday 28

    I have a 1981 O’Day 28 and also had water coming through the starboard cabin light over the settee. I discovered the cabin top teak hand rail bedding had failed. When I removed the rail and covered the holes with Gorilla duct tape I had no more leak. Be careful if you remove yours as mine had a...
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    Salon Table O'Day 28

    Check carefully for plugged screw holes in the head area or on the shelf you want to remove.
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    Was O'Day 28 Standing Headroom, Now Various Questions About 28 and 30

    I have a 1981 O’Day 28. I’m 5’11” and there is plenty of head room. I never think of ducking or stooping unless I’m going forward through the door to the head.
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    O’Day 28 cabin top hand rail.

    No, my rails sit directly on the deck and are bolted through the rail “feet”, through the cabin top and through a similar but shorter rail inside the cabin. Pan head 1/4x20 machine screws go through it all into a nylock nut. Nut and bolt head are buried in the plug holes which are then plugged...
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    O’Day 28 cabin top hand rail.

    RoyS, I’ve looked at Plasteak hand rails on line and from the photos it seems the only resemblance to teak is the color. I’ve seen plastic teak decking that looks very real but maybe it’s just the online pictures. I found the rail at D&R Marine on line store. The rail itself is about $150 but...
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    O’Day 28 cabin top hand rail.

    Before putting the boat away last fall I discovered a leak from the cabin starboard hand rail. This year prior to removing the winter cover I removed the interior and exterior hand rails which are bolted together through the cabin top. I discovered that sometime in the life of the boat the rail...
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    I would soak it with the PB Blaster every day and give it a couple of raps (not necessary to beat it to death) with a ball peen hammer. I like the idea of cutting a slot. I wouldn’t use vice grips, I would file flats on opposite sides and use a tight fitting wrench.
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    O'Day 25 Keel trouble

    I have my mast slot sealed with 4200 and the mast is well sealed through the deck. . I’ve all but given up on a solution because every winter I find the crack in the keel reappears, the liquid drains and the white powder appears. I see no cracks in the area when the boat is pulled for the winter...
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    M25 loss of raw water suction after sailing and/or rough weather turn - Catalina 30, 1983

    I would suspect the 360 you made when you discovered the lack of cooling water was just a coincidence. I also suspect you’re missing something with the recent work done on the cooling system. Has the problem repeated? It’s very possible you had a piece of debris stuck on the water intake and...
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    I see the light

    I have some pennies for sale. 25 cents plus postage.
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    Who wants a slushie!?

    Cover which doesn’t put pressure on stanchions.
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    Who wants a slushie!?

    “This guy is only charging me $100 for shrink wrap and $100 for storage so I'm OK with putting in some work. I'm wondering if I should ask him to run the torch over it in hopes that it tightens up the plastic?” $100 to shrink wrap a 25 foot boat? In St Joseph, MI, the rate four years ago was...
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    Can I vent?

    Jibes138, go to Batteries+, the batteries are a lot cheaper there.
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    Unusual cracking in Typhoon deck, what is the cause?

    Older boats were way over built as designers and builders didn‘t understand fiberglass like they do today. The laminates were very thick and the gelcoat was thick. Because of the excess thickness of the laminate there are many older hulls still as strong as the day they came from the factory. I...
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    Re-winterize outboard motor

    I have a 2018 Mercury 9.9 which I used the summer of 2018 and then winterized it to factory specs for the winter. I didn’t use the motor this summer, 2019, remained on the stand in the garage. Do I need to winterize the motor again for this coming 2019-20 winter?
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    Cabin engine access/steps.

    I found these small carabiner clips in my boating junk drawer. They fit perfectly through the open part of the back plate to keep the bolt from vibrating open.
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    Top of the mast.

    Well, after standing on deck staring at the top of the mast while getting dizzy (and my mast isn’t nearly as tall as some others in the marina) I had a local marina send it’s mechanics to climb the mast. My marina doesn’t provide mechanics. $95 per hour for two hours was well worth it for me...
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    Greenhead flies vs Sunbrella

    Kept a boat in Waretown, NJ for several years and dealt with the flies. They are vicious little blood sucking beasts.
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    Top of the mast.

    Justin-NSA, I have an ATN Mastclimber and I’ve never used it before. It appears from the advertising that it is something you can use solo but I wouldn’t attempt it without a safety line and a second person on a winch with that line. I have a harness to attach the safety line. I’ll let you know...
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    Top of the mast.

    Thanks for the link, Sefuller. Now I know the make and model numbers but what I need is a photo so I can actually see it before climbing up. Justin-NSA (is that for National Security Agency?) My marina charges $150.00 for unstepping the mast and another $150 for putting it back. Plus I have to...