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    Jabsco macerator

    I have a 2005 Hunter 41 DS. My forward head has a Jabsco macerator #37045-7001, my aft head has a Jabsco #37010-1090. My forward head has a discharge to the waste tank and fresh water in to the head, that's it, simple and works fine. My aft head has on the macerator a discharge to the waste...
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    Fluxgate compass

    I have a 2005 41DS. Does anyone happen to know where I can find the fluxgate compass?
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    Dinghy swing

    I'm looking for some ideas to control or eliminate the swinging of my dinghy while underway. Having it hit the stanchion for the davit is not doing it any favors or to my stress level.
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    Hatch and port light covers or coating

    We are discussing covering our hatches and port lights. I was wondering if the sunbrella will cause scratching on the lens. Also has anyone tried film and/or ceramic coating? I have the coating on my trucks windshield with film and coating on the headlights as well as the rest of the truck. It...
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    Jabsco electric head switch.

    I have a Jabsco fresh water electric head on my new to me 2005 Hunter 41DS. I have replace the hoses, macerator pump, and switch. The fill and flush switch works fine. However when I press just the drain switch, it fills with water and drains just like the fill and flush switch does. When I...
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    Raymarine instrument covers

    I seem to have lost the sun cover for my Raymarine ST60+ knot meter and my Raymarine 7001 Autopilot. I would appreciate any help or recommendations in finding replacements for them. I am located in the Tampa Bay Florida area.
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    Prop choice

    I am trying to decide between a MaxProp or an AutoStream prop for my 41 Hunter DS with a 54hp Yanmar. Any input would be greatly appreciated.