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    cleaning a marine head

    I unbolted my head and took it home. Pressure washed it, disassembled all components and did the CLR /vinegar soak. At least overnight if not a day or two. Wound up chipping the hardened deposits out of the bowl, outlet and flushing passages with screwdrivers and other tools. Needless to say...
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    Teak cap rail refinishing

    Teak refinishing is one of the reasons I sold my boat. Down bay from dlochner is a 70's tartan that has never had an ounce of varnish or sealer on it. Its teak is full thickness, no bungs popping. It is gray. The natural state of weathered teak. They never touch it. If I knew then, what I know...
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    Owners Manual

    Search for a M43 owners group. See if they can help. In the case of Morgan 382/383/384 there was a factory manual and it's an online pdf at I know that doesn't help directly, but there's a manual in some owners Nav station, somewhere. Good luck
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    Diesel valve adjustment

    Get a six sided quality socket, put it on a breaker bar. Push firmly down on the socket with the palm of your left hand, while pushing on the breaker bar with your right hand. Keep the angle between the socket & bar as close to 90 deg. as possible. Push the bar in progressively increasing pulses...
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    Universal valve adjustment

    Valve adjustment on my Perkins 4-108 made the engine start much easier. Less cranking of the starter due to an immediate light of. Even in colder weather. Smoother running too, so all and all worth the effort
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    Lifeline autopsy

    Good one Jackdaw ! :clap:
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    Engine oil level rising Westerbeke 58

    Change your oil & filter. Put the specified amount of oil in the engine as per the service manual. Make sure your boat is not listing to port or starboard, fore or aft. (have you added a lot of weight to the boat recently?) Run the engine for few minutes, until warm. Pull the dipstick, wipe it...
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    Winter covers - full cover vs. cockpit cover

    Used to be at FHYC, but sold the boat to your dock mates end of 2017. Moved to FLA. Bayside was smart enough to pull all the sticks as part of their haul fee. (The winter wind is less and the early spring air temps SO much warmer down there.) To Jan11 regarding the benefit is snow: Have to...
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    Winter covers - full cover vs. cockpit cover

    Driving on the NYS Thruway, I was daydreaming about what to cover my boat with. My latest hvy. duty tarp "adventure" had self destructed in the Lake Ontario winds. I looked over at the flatbed semi going 75 mph, next to me...eureka! Find out who makes the the covers locally for flat bed truck...
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    Engine oil level rising Westerbeke 58

    How does the diesel fuel get from the tank to the engine? There is a "lift pump". It is either an electric pump or a mechanical (engine mounted) pump. Your dealer might be right, but he might not be. You should be able to look at your engine and figure out whether you have a mechanical lift...
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    Engine oil level rising Westerbeke 58

    What NY Sail said. Lift pump mechanically actuated & mounted on engine is leaking Occurs on Perkins 4-108's from time to time too. Nothing good will come from thinned oil, or a crankcase filled with diesel. Consider it "mission critical". Fix asap.
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    Tohatsu 9.8

    I'd suggest a call to a Tohatsu dlr. And ask if that delay shift characteristic is typical. Usually the joining clamp is visible when the lower unit is unbolted, and dropped an inch or two (which is the travel of the shift lever and rod). If its sliding you should see witness marks on one of...
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    Tohatsu 9.8

    I'm not familiar specifically with Tohatsu's. But most small O/B's shift by using a mechanical linkage. To my way of thinking, it should come out of reverse immediately as the lever is moved to the middle neutral position. If you have a cable shifter controlling movement, it may not be adjusted...
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    Honda 2200 vs 1000 noise comparison

    When cruising, I charged my golf car house batteries thru the shorepower to xantrex charger for years with Honda 2000. It has enough power to run tools on land. Also will run a coffee maker and my refrig/freezer at home in power outages. So as an all round generator that you can lift out of a...
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    CNG Tank Refills

    I believe my tanks had a pressure relief valve. IIRC, it releases at 2500psi. So fill working pressure was 2200psi. In the video, the tank went over 3000psi. Interesting! An auto CNG tank fills to 3500psi or more. So the potential for "excitement" exists if the PRV blows off. I gave some...
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    My old stuffing box is shining like a new penny. I think that's a bad thing.

    Try vinegar next time. You won't need a respirator. It'll do the same thing, a bit safer to boot. Put your disassembled heat exchanger tube assembly in there too and all your bronze parts. Hey Dave, you should clean yours off too. You're in fresh water, it'll stay nice and shiny!
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    CNG Tank Refills

    Yes there is a place I used to take my tanks to. CNG refill Like a scuba tank, CNG tanks must be safety inspected periodically. Make sure you can fill yours - date wise. Otherwise NFG won't fill it. An industrial tank/safety company can o it for you. I think tanks are good for 5 years. Old price...